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Aeroplane Air-oh-plane
Antarctic Aunt-ark-tick
Buccaneer Buck-can-ear
Charlatan Char-lay-tan
Falcon Fall-con
Handicap Hand-eye-cap
Handkerchief Hand-cur-chief
Microscope My-crow-scope
Automobile Ought-oh-mob-eel
Pilgrimage Pill-grim-age
Sausage Saw-sage
Stiletto Still-let-toe
Bandage Band-age
Stationary Station-airy
Feline Fee-line
Rainbow Reign-beau
Bookworm Book-worm
Handsome Hand-some
Penitent Pen-eye-tent
Cribbage Crib-age
Broomstick Broom-stick
Infancy In-fan-sea
Hornpipe Horn-pipe
Eyelash I-lash
Forswear Four-swear
Masquerade Mass-cur-aid
Melancholy Melon-collie
Pantry Pan-tree
Tennessee Ten-I-see
Antidote Aunt-I-dote
Definite Deaf-in-ate

Knight of the Cracker

The ladies are lined up on one side of the room.  Each is provided with a cracker.  The men are lined up on the opposite side.  At the signal to go the men rush forward and try to secure a cracker from one of the ladies.  They then return to their original line and devour the cracker.  Having succeeded in doing this, they return and whistle a tune which must be recognized by the lady.

Match Boxing

Competitors are divided into equal teams and the teams are arranged in parallel lines.  The outside cover of a small safety match box is given to the first man on each team.  He slips this over the end of his nose and holds his hands behind his back with the box on his nose.  All other players must hold their hands behind their backs.

At the signal to start the players having the box on the end of the nose transfer the same to the nose of their neighbor without the use of their hands.  The box is passed in this way to the far end of the lines and back.  Should it fall upon the floor it is picked up by the one from whose nose it fell, placed on his own nose again, and the game continues as before.



What Animal?

The leader whispers the name of a different animal or object to each individual.  When called upon each must try to represent the noise or action of the animal or object.  The rest of the group guess what is represented and write the same on a slip of paper.  The one guessing the most wins.

Rhyming Verbs

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