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The group forms in couples and marches around the room.  They are then subdivided into from four to eight smaller groups.  These are stationed in various parts of the room and the ladies are lined up facing the men.  They try in every conceivable way to make the men smile or laugh.  Any one who does so must take a place in the ladies’ line.  After a few minutes of this, every man in the ladies’ line must pay a forfeit, and the men must endeavor to cause the ladies to laugh.

Tea Pot

One member of the group is selected to be “It” and leaves the room.  The others decide upon some object or word which “It” is to guess.  “It” is called back into the room and each member of the group is to make a sentence including the name of the object to be guessed, using in the sentence the word “Tea Pot” as a substitute for the name of the object.

Illustration—­The object determined upon by the group is the piano stool.  The first member of the group says, “By turning the ‘tea pot’ it grows higher”.

As soon as “It” guesses the correct object the one whose sentence disclosed what the object was, becomes “It”.

Muddled Words

The group is divided into two teams.  Each individual is given a slip of paper and takes the name of some animal, bird, or fish, and muddles up the letters so as to make it difficult to recognize the name.

Illustration—­g fold chin, for goldfinch.

Any member of the opposing team has the opportunity to guess what the name is.  The time it takes for the opposing team to guess is recorded.  Any member of the opposing team who has correctly guessed the muddled word can give a muddled word for the first team to guess.  The team which succeeds in guessing the muddled word in the shortest time wins one point.  The team having the most points at the end wins the game.

Who Are They?

Photographs of prominent individuals are numbered and placed on exhibition about the room, with the wrong title beneath them.  Each member of the group is given a card and pencil.  He goes around the room and writes upon his card the proper name of each individual with the number which is on that individual’s photograph.  The individual making the largest number of correct guesses wins.  Photos of men like Lincoln, Lloyd George, Robert E. Lee, Obregon, etc., should be used for this game.

Who Is It?

A sheet is hung up in a doorway.  The group is divided into two teams.  One group goes behind the sheet.  A small hole is cut in the sheet.  The members of the group behind the sheet take turns in sticking their noses through the hole in the sheet.  The group on the inside attempts to guess whose nose protrudes through the sheet in the order in which they are exhibited.  One member of the group behind the sheet keeps a record of the order in which individuals of that group display their noses, so that this can be checked up with the guesses of the other team.  After all the noses have been displayed the group returns to its place in the room and listens to the guesses.

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