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Musical Medley

This game is similar to the game entitled “Matching Proverbs”, except that different lines of songs are distributed among the guests present and each seeks to find the individuals holding the lines necessary to complete his song.  When all are located they get together and practice their song in preparation to sing it to the rest of the group or act it in pantomime.

Puzzled Words

Words are written out on slips of paper and then cut into single letters.  Each letter going to make up a word is given the same number.

For example, in the word “battle”, number each letter of “Battle” No. 1.  All of the number 1’s are told to get together, discover what their word is and when their number is called, act it out for the group to guess.

Trip Around the World

Various articles are distributed around the room, each representative of some country.  For illustration, a package of tea, representing China; a shamrock, representing Ireland; a maple leaf, representing Canada.

A slip of paper and a pencil are given to each member of the group, who endeavors to guess what country each article suggests.

Bean Penalty

Each guest, upon entering the room, is given ten beans and instructed to ask questions of each other.  Should a question be answered by either yes or no, the individual so answering must surrender a bean to the one asking the question.  At the end of the playing period, the individual having the largest number of beans is the winner.



Biographic Cartoons

Each individual is given a cardboard 12x15 inches, an old magazine, containing numerous ads, a pair of scissors, and is instructed to write the biography of his right hand neighbor, using the advertisements cut from the papers to illustrate the same.  In writing the biography as few words should be used as possible.  The biographical sketch should be placed upon the cardboard.  Mucilage should be available for the purpose of sticking on the illustrations, and pens and pencils for the necessary writing.  Some award can be given to the one making the best biography.

Illustrated Songs

Each member of the group is given a sheet of paper and a pencil and is instructed to draw thereupon a picture or pictures illustrating the title of some song. (Illustration:  One individual decides to illustrate the title of “Home, Sweet Home”.  He proceeds to draw the picture of a house, a sugar bowl, and another picture of a house.)

When sufficient time has been allowed for all to complete their illustrations, they are numbered and placed on exhibition.  Each member of the group endeavors to guess as many of the illustrations as he can, placing his guess after the number of the illustration.  The illustration which is guessed correctly by the largest number, wins for its artist.

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