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My Month

Twelve placards with the name of a month of the year on each are posted about the room, and the players are instructed to gather around that placard bearing the name of the month in which they were born.  Then each group in turn is called upon to select some activity typical for that month and to act it out.  The others endeavor to guess the month by the activity represented.

Poison Circle

The group marches in couples around the room while a march is being played intermittedly on some instrument.  Small rugs are placed in the path of the marchers or circles are drawn on the floor, through which the marchers must pass.  If any couple is left on a rug or within a circle when the music stops playing, that couple drops out of the march.  All march forward again when the music starts and try to avoid being caught on a rug or in a circle.  The last couple in wins.

Shoe Hunt

Advertisements of shoes are cut out and the illustrations of pairs of shoes are halved.  These are hidden around the room.  The individual finding the largest number of pairs of shoes wins.  Players are allowed to trade with each other in order to complete their pairs.

Matching Advertisements

Advertisements are cut from magazines and each advertisement is divided by irregular cuts into two halves.  One half is placed in the pile to be distributed among the men; the other half to be distributed among the ladies.  These halved advertisements are distributed among the guests and the men seek their partners by finding the other half of the magazine advertisement matching their own.

Matching Proverbs

Familiar proverbs are divided into groups of three or four words.  These are distributed among the guests.  There should be at least two words, and preferably more, on each slip.  Each individual then seeks to find those others holding the words which complete his proverb.

Example—­The proverb, “A stitch in time saves nine”, is chosen.  On one sheet of paper is put “A stitch”; on another “in time”; and on another “saves nine”.

When the individuals necessary to make the complete proverb have gathered together, they represent their proverb by pantomime to the others.

Mixing March

The group, arranged in couples, forms a circle with the ladies on the inside facing their partners.  When the music starts playing, the partners separate, both going to the right about the circle.  This means that the ladies go in one direction and the men in the other.  When the music again stops, the men will be opposite new partners and these partners must face each other and converse on some subject suggested by the leader.  When the music again starts the conversation ends and both groups again continue their march in opposite directions and so the game continues.  It is suggested, if the group be large and not well acquainted, that each time a new partner is faced for conversation, hands are shaken and names and places of residence given.

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