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Should the disk land in “Sacrifice”, base hit, home run, or should the one at bat gain first by four balls, the man or men on base or bases advance.  Any man or men reaching home constitutes a run for that team.  Should the disk land three times within the space marked “Strike” during the time at bat, the batsman is declared “out”.

[Illustration:  Floor Baseball]

Two players can play this game as well as nine, each taking as many slides of the disk as is necessary to reach a base or get out.  Then the other player does the same until the team has three out.

Blocks or stones can indicate the position of players on bases if only one disk is used in the game.


This is a good game to be played in the loft of a barn.  One player is blindfolded and sits on the floor with legs folded under him, Chinese fashion.  The other players creep up and say “Chic-a-dee” as near his ear as possible.  He tries to hit said player before he can get beyond his reach, using a salt bag stuffed with leaves, or some type of padded stick.  Should he succeed, the one he hits is blindfolded and the game continues.

Captain Kidd’s Gold

This is a good game in which all the members of a family may find pleasure.  It develops one’s power of observation and memory.  A small coin is hidden somewhere about the yard or in the woods, wherever the game may be played, by one of the players.  All of the other players must be either blindfolded or placed in a position where they cannot see the player who is hiding the coin.

The player having hidden the coin returns to the group and describes just how they are to find same.  For illustration:—­he gives the following description of the course to follow.  “Walk twenty paces in a direct line towards the apple tree at the far end of the garden.  There you will find a small stone upon a larger one.  Under the small stone you will find an arrow scratched upon the larger one.  Follow the directions of this arrow fifteen paces.  Then turn sharply to the left, go ten paces, and underneath a stone will be found Captain Kidd’s Gold.”  The players may ask him to repeat the directions once.  After repeating, however, they must follow the direction without further questioning.  The one successful in finding the coin next hides the same.

This game can be made simple enough for small children to enjoy or difficult enough to prove a problem for adults.



Bird Hunt

Names of different birds are written on small slips of paper and pinned upon the backs of all the guests.  A small card and a pencil are given to each guest and they are instructed to go on a bird hunt.  They proceed to try to read the names on the backs of twenty other players.  The one first succeeding in getting the names of twenty birds wins the game.  Each player endeavors to avoid having the slip on his own back read as he endeavors to read those on the backs of the others.

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