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  Q.—­In which can you find a red letter? 
  A.—­Florid A.

  Q.—­In which does the hustle make one sick? 
  A.—­Ill o’ noise.

  Q.—­In which is one likely to use his farming implements? 
  A.—­I’d a hoe.

  Q.—­In which can one acquire an estate by marriage? 
  A.—­Mary land.

  Q.—­In which is one letter of the alphabet taller than the others? 
  A.—­O higher.

  Q.—­In which are bodies of land surrounded by water given a ride? 
  A.—­Rhode Island.

  Q.—­Which is called to your mind by holding two $5 bills? 
  A.—­Tenn I see.

  Q.—­Which would a woman rather have if she can’t get a new sealskin
  A.—­New Jersey.

  Q.—­Which does the farmer’s wife mention when she asks you to partake
      of apple sauce? 
  A.—­Take sass.—­Capper’s Weekly (Topeka).

Step by Step

A bean bag or soft ball is needed for this game.  All of the group excepting one who is selected to be leader sit on the bottom step of the stairs.  The leader tosses the ball to the one at the right end of the line and receives it back.  He tosses it to the second and third.  Should any of the players miss catching the ball, all the other players move up one step, except the one missing; he remains on the first step.  The leader then continues passing until all have been served; he then starts again at right of line.  He passes the ball last to the one on the lower steps.  Should any of the players on any step miss the ball, all the other players advance one step.  The ones who advance from the lower step take a position at the right of the one who missed the ball on the step above.  Should the leader miss the ball at any time, the one at the right on the highest step takes his place.  The game continues until the top of the stairs is reached by one or more players.  If more than one player reaches the top step then the progress continues down the stairs, a step for each miss by any of the players.  When one player holds the most advanced step alone, the game starts over with that player as leader.

Spin the Platter

All of the players in the room are given a number.  A tin plate is spun in the centre of the room by one of the players who calls some number.  The one whose number is called endeavors to catch the plate before it has stopped spinning.  If successful, he calls another number after again spinning the platter.  Should the player fail to catch the platter before it has stopped spinning, a forfeit is demanded.  All the players having forfeits are demanded to pay their forfeits by performing some stunt suggested by one of the group selected to determine the penalty.

Board and Nail Puzzle


        . . .
        . . .
  . . . . . . . . .
  . . . . o . . . .
  . . . . . . . . .
        . . .
        . . .

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