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until the last couple are on a line with him.  The couple are allowed to circle as far out from the double line as they wish in their endeavor to avoid “It”, and may join hands in any position, so long as they are in front of “It’s” original position.  Should “It” tag one of them before they have had an opportunity of joining hands, the one tagged becomes “It”, and the one who was “It” unites with the extra player at the head of the double column.  Otherwise “It” remains “It”.

Spanish Fly

This is an old leap frog game.  One player is chosen to be “down”.  The others follow the leader in taking frog leaps over the back of the one downed.  At the first leap the leader says, “Spanish fly”.  All the others must repeat those words upon taking their leap.  At his second leap, the leader says, “Handlings”, and squeezes his fingers into the back of “Down”.  The others must do as he did.  The leader next says, “Knucklings” and doubles his knuckles up on the back of “Down” in leaping over.  The next command is “Spurrings”, and the leader hits “Down” with the heel of his right foot in making the leap.  The next command is “Dump the apple cart”, and the leader grasps the clothes of the boy in going over and endeavors to pull him forward.  The next is “Hats on deck”, and the leader places his hat on the back of the boy as he passes over him.  The next boy after the leader places his hat upon that of the leader and so on until all of the boys have their hats on the back.  The next command is “Hats off deck”, and the last boy to place his hat upon the back is the first to leap over, endeavoring to pick his hat off without knocking any of the others off.  Should any of those following the leader fail in accomplishing the trick they are supposed to do, they become “Down” and the boy who was downed becomes the leader.

Tony Says

This is a good game to follow formal gymnastic exercises, maintaining the same formation.  The players are lined up in open order upon the playing space.  The leader asks for a number of exercises for the arms and legs.  The players execute these upon command provided the words “Tony says” precede the command.  For example, Tony says “Attention”; Tony says “Raise arms to side horizontal”; Tony says “Arms down.”  If the leader fails to say “Tony says” before the command, the players are not to execute the command.  Should a player execute the command at the time when he is not supposed to, he is required to run to a given point behind the leader and return to his original place.  This is required of every player making a mistake.

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Sociable games for the home, Church, club, etc.



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