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Pin Ball

This game is played with the same rules as basketball, except that in place of the baskets a 6 foot circle is drawn in the center of each end of the playing space, and in the center of each circle a short flat end log about 14 inches long and 3 inches in diameter stands upon its end.  Seven players constitute a team.  A pin guard is placed within each circle, with the pin and he is the only one that is allowed to step inside the circle.  The object of the game is to knock down the opponent’s pin by hitting it with the ball.  It is a foul to carry the ball or to hold an opponent.  Where basketball rules are known to the players, use the same rules for this game.  In case of a foul, a 15 foot line measured from the pin in the circle is used as a free throw line.  In a free throw the guard is not allowed to interfere with the ball hitting the pin.  A stuffed sack can be used in place of a ball in this game.

Kick Ball

An inflated ball about the size of a basketball is best for this game, but a bean bag can be used.  The group is divided into two teams.  One team is at the bat and the other in the field, arranged as in regular baseball with the exception that there is a short stop on both sides of the pitcher.  The home base is marked upon the ground in form of a rectangle 4 feet long and 3 feet wide.  The ball is tossed with an underhand toss, so that it passes over the base not higher than the level of the knee of the batter.  Three strikes and four balls are allowed, as in baseball.  Three men out retire a side.  The principal difference is that the batter kicks the ball and may be put out by being hit with the ball when running between bases.

Hand Baseball

This game is like regular baseball, with the exception that a tennis ball or soft rubber ball is used for a ball and the hand is used for a bat.  The pitcher throws the ball so that it bounds just in front of the batter.  If on the bound it passes over the home plate above the knees and below the shoulders of the batter, it constitutes a strike.  The home plate is marked upon the ground and is 2 feet square.  The batter hits the ball with the open palm of his hand and runs bases, as in regular baseball.  Four balls and 3 strikes count as in regular games.

Last Couple Out

This is an old Swedish game and one which can still be played and thoroughly enjoyed.  The players are arranged in double file.  One player is selected to be “It” and takes a position about 10 feet in front of the file, with his back to it.  He calls, “Last couple out”.  Thereupon the last two in the double file run forward, one on either side of the line and endeavor to join hands in front of “It”, without being tagged.  “It” cannot look behind or start to chase

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