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Soak ’em

A sock stuffed with straw is used in this game.  A circle is drawn upon the ground.  The group is divided into two teams.  One team takes its place in the center of the circle, the other lines up around the circumference.  Those on the outside of the ring endeavor, without stepping over the line, to throw and hit those within.  Succeeding, the one hit must lie upon the ground within the ring.  The others endeavor to avoid being hit by dodging here and there.  When all of the first team in the ring have been hit, they take their position outside of the ring and throw at their opponents.  The team succeeding in hitting all of the opponents in the quickest time, wins.

The Dummy

One of the group, known as the “dummy”, must take a position 30 feet in front of a line and stands with his back to the rest of the group.  A soft ball is thrown at him and he endeavors to guess who hit him.  If he succeeds, that one must take his place.

Oriental Tag

Similar to ordinary tag, except that the one “It” cannot tag any one who has his forehead to the ground.

Ball Tag

The one who is “It” is armed with a soft ball.  He attempts to tag another by means of hitting him with the ball.  The one who is hit becomes “It”.

Couple Tag

Similar to ordinary tag, except that the group is arranged in couples.  Couples must lock arms.  The couple which is “It” endeavors to tag some other couple.  If either of the men making up the “It” couple succeeds in tagging either man of another couple, that group is “It”.



For Advanced and High School Pupils

Dresden Tag

The group forms a circle with at least three feet space between each individual in the circle.  One individual is selected to be “It”, another to be chased.  Those in the circle are to place their hands upon their knees and assume a stooping position, as for leap frog.  “It” endeavors to tag the individual he is to chase before said individual can leap over the back of any one forming the circle.  Should he leap over the back of some one, the one over whose back he jumped is then subject to being tagged by “It”.  Should “It” tag the one chased, then “It” must leap over some one’s back to escape from being tagged.  After leaping over a back, the individual who made the leap takes the position of the one who left that place in the circle.

Fox and Geese

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