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In and Out

The group grasp hands, forming a circle.  Two individuals are selected, one to be “It”, and the other to be chased.  These two are placed on opposite sides of the circle.  Then “It” endeavors to tag the other.  The one chased may go in and out under the hands of those forming the circle, cut through or run around the circle and “It” has to follow the same course in the pursuit.  When “It” succeeds in tagging his partner, two other players take their places.

Fox and Rabbit

The group link hands and form a circle.  Two players are selected, one to be “It” and the other to be chased, as in the preceding game.  In this game, however, it is not necessary that the fox follow the same course the rabbit pursues, in his endeavor to tag him, but both can go in and out of the circle at will.  The players in the circle endeavor to assist the rabbit and impede the fox in his chase, as much as possible.  When the fox has caught the rabbit, two other players are selected to take their places.

Chicken Market

One player is selected to be a buyer, another to be the market man.  The rest of the players are to be chickens.  They stoop down in a row, clasping their hands under their knees.  The buyer inquires of the market man, “Have you chickens for sale?” The market man says, “Yes, plenty of them”.  Thereupon the buyer goes along the line and examines the chickens.  He finds one too tough, one too fat, etc., until at last he comes to one which suits his fancy, and he so informs the market man.  He takes one arm and the market man takes the other and between them they swing the chicken back and forth.  If the chicken maintains the grasp of its hands beneath its knees, it is accepted by the buyer and is led off to the home of the buyer, marked upon the ground.  The game continues until all the chickens are sold.

Chickidy Hand

The player who is selected to be “It” interlocks the fingers of his hands and holds them against a post, which is known as the goal.  The other players fold their hands in the same way and place them against the post.  To start the game, “It” counts ten, whereupon the players leave the goal and “It” endeavors to tag one of them.  The hands must be kept folded until tagged.  The one tagged joins hands with “It” and continues with him in an effort to tag others.  The players endeavor to keep from being tagged by the line and try to break through the line.  Succeeding in this, the individual towards the head of the line, next to the break, drops out of the game.  Those in the line cannot tag a player who has rushed in and succeeded in breaking the line until the line reforms.

Pass Ball

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