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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 130 pages of information about School, Church, and Home Games.

This is a good game for the class in domestic science.  The pupils of each aisle constitute a team.  A piece of chalk is handed to the one in each front seat.  At the signal to go, the chalk is passed back until it reaches the one in the last seat in the row.  Every one in the aisle must have handled the chalk in passing it back.  Upon receiving it, the last one in the row runs forward to the board and writes thereupon an ingredient necessary in the making of cake.  Returning, the chalk is handed to the one in the front seat and again passed back until it gets to the one in the next to the last seat, who rushes to the board and writes another ingredient necessary in cake making.  And so the race continues.  When the last pupil at the board, namely the one from the front seat, has written upon the board and returned to her seat, the race is ended.  The race is won by the aisle first completing this task.

Spelling Game

The group, if numbering 40 or more pupils, is divided into two teams.  The contestants of each team are given a different letter of the alphabet.  The teacher gives a word.  Thereupon the pupils in both teams whose letter occurs in the word named, run one to the front and one to the rear of the room, as assigned by the teacher, and take their places in the order in which their letter occurs in the word.  When the pupils have taken their proper position, they call out the letters they represent, spelling the word.  The group first accomplishing this, wins one point for their team.  If the letter occurs twice in the same word, that pupil representing that letter takes his place where the letter first occurs in the word and shifts to the second position, so as to help complete the word.

If the group be too small for two alphabets the game can be played by having but one and seeing which of the various words given is formed in the quickest time by the single group.

Grammar Race

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team.  A piece of chalk is given to the one in each front seat.  At the signal to go, the one with the chalk rushes to the board and writes the first word of a sentence on the board and returns to his seat, passing the chalk on to the second one, who writes the second word for a sentence.  The third writes the third, and so on until a complete sentence has been written upon the board.  The one in the last seat must complete the sentence and return to his seat, ending the race.

Twenty-five points is awarded the team finishing first; twenty-five points to each team with correct spelling; twenty-five points for the team with the best writing; twenty-five points for the best composition of the sentence.

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