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If the poem be a very small one, words of the poem instead of lines may be used.  If it be a long one, verses instead of lines may be used.

Last Man

This is a good active game thoroughly enjoyed by the children.  The teacher selects one pupil to be “It,” and another to be chased.  The one chased can stand at the rear of any aisle and say, “Last man.”  Thereupon the front pupil in that aisle is subject to being tagged by “It” and leaves his seat.  All the other pupils in that aisle advance one seat and the first man chased sits down in the last seat in the aisle.  “It” tries to tag the man who left the front seat before he can go to the rear of any of the aisles.  Should he succeed in doing so, he can immediately be tagged back if he does not hurry to the rear of some aisle and say “Last man.”

(Caution:  Should any child appear fatigued when “It,” substitute another child in his place).

Change Seats

This is a good relaxation game.  The teacher says, “Change seats left.”  Thereupon all the pupils shift to the seats to their left.  The children who are in the last aisle on the left must run around the room and occupy the vacant seats on the right hand side.  Should the teacher say, “Change seats right,” the reverse of the proceeding is necessary.  The teacher can also say, “Change seats front,” or “Change seats rear,” and the pupils are expected to obey the commands.  Those left without seats must run to the other end of the room and take any seat found vacant there.

Relay Run Around

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team.  The pupil in the last seat in each row, upon the signal to go, steps out in the right hand aisle, runs forward around the front of his row of seats, back on the left hand side, circling the rear seat, and sits down, touching off the next pupil in front of him, who repeats the performance.  The aisle first accomplishing the run, wins.



For Advanced and High School Pupils


The group is divided into two equal teams.  A leader is chosen for each.  The leader of Team A begins the game by giving the name of a country beginning with the letter “A” (Austria).  The leader of Team B gives another country beginning with “A”.  The second member of Team A, another; the second member of Team B, another; until one of the teams cannot think of any more countries beginning with “A”.  That team last thinking of a country wins one point.  The other members of the team can help their team mate, whose turn it is, by suggesting other countries.  The member of the team failing to name a country beginning with “A”, starts with the letter “B” and the game continues, until one team has won ten points.  The names of rivers, mountains, states, cities, etc., can be substituted for the names of countries.

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