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In the same spiritual condition I have been able to replace dislocated joints and raise the dying to instantaneous health.  People are now living who can bear witness to these cures.  Herein is my evidence, from on high, that the views here promulgated on this subject are correct.

Certain self-proved propositions pour into my waiting thought in connection with these experiences; and here is one such conviction:  that an acknowledgment of the perfection of the infinite Unseen confers a power nothing else can.  An incontestable point in divine Science is, that because God is All, a realization of this fact dispels even the sense or consciousness of sin, and brings us nearer to God, bringing out the highest phenomena of the All-Mind.

Seedtime and Harvest

Let another query now be considered, which gives much trouble to many earnest thinkers before Science answers it.

Is anything real of which the physical senses are cognizant?

Everything is as real as you make it, and no more so.  What you see, hear, feel, is a mode of consciousness, and can have no other reality than the sense you entertain of it.

It is dangerous to rest upon the evidence of the senses, for this evidence is not absolute, and therefore not real, in our sense of the word.  All that is beautiful and good in your individual consciousness is permanent.  That which is not so is illusive and fading.  My insistence upon a proper understanding of the unreality of matter and evil arises from their deleterious effects, physical, moral, and intellectual, upon the race.

All forms of error are uprooted in Science, on the same basis whereby sickness is healed,—­namely, by the establishment, through reason, revelation, and Science, of the nothingness of every claim of error, even the doctrine of heredity and other physical causes.  You demonstrate the process of Science, and it proves my view conclusively, that mortal mind is the cause of all disease.  Destroy the mental sense of the disease, and the disease itself disappears.  Destroy the sense of sin, and sin itself disappears.

Material and sensual consciousness are mortal.  Hence they must, some time and in some way, be reckoned unreal.  That time has partially come, or my words would not have been spoken.  Jesus has made the way plain,—­so plain that all are without excuse who walk not in it; but this way is not the path of physical science, human philosophy, or mystic psychology.

The talent and genius of the centuries have wrongly reckoned.  They have not based upon revelation their arguments and conclusions as to the source and resources of being,—­its combinations, phenomena, and outcome,—­but have built instead upon the sand of human reason.  They have not accepted the simple teaching and life of Jesus as the only true solution of the perplexing problem of human existence.

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