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Besa,—­Bee’-sah, a dwarf-like deity similar to the Roman Cupid.

Bettis,—­Bet’-tis, older sister to Hotep and Io.

Bubastis,—­Biu-bast’-is, city in lower Egypt near Goshen.

Deborah,—­Deb’-or-ah, an aged woman of Israel, Rachel’s attendant.

Hak-heb,—­Hayk’-heb, a village on the Nile, shipping point for
Nehapehu, fifty miles south of Memphis.

Har-hat,—­Hahr’-hat, fan-bearer, or prime minister to the Pharaoh; father of Masanath.

Hathors,—­Hah’-thorz, seven personifications of Athor, usually seven cows, similar to the fates of Roman and Greek mythology.

Hotep,—­Hoe’-tep, the royal scribe, friend of Kenkenes, brother of
Bettis and Io.

Hyksos,—­Hick’-soz, the Shepherd Kings.

Imhotep,—­Eem-hoe’-tep, the physician god.

Ipsambul,—­Ip-sahm’-bool, a temple cut from living rock.

Io,—­Eye’-o, younger sister to Hotep and Bettis, in love with Seti.

Isis,—­Eye’-sis, consort to Osiris and goddess of wisdom.

Jambres,—­Jam’-breez, a priest in disgrace, sometime astrologer to
Rameses II and to Meneptah.

Kenkenes,—­Ken-ken’-eez, son of Mentu, the murket.

Khem,—­Kem, the Egyptian Pan.

Khu-n-Aten,—­Khoon-Ah’-ten, Amenhotep IV, a Pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty, who attempted to reform the national faith.

Loi,—­Lo’-ee, high-priest to Amen at Karnak.

Ma,—­Mah, the goddess of truth.

Masaarah,—­Mah-saar’-ah, a limestone quarry opposite Memphis.

Masanath,—­Ma-sayn’-ath, second daughter to Har-hat, beloved of Hotep.

Meneptah,—­Me-nep’-tah, successor to Rameses II, and Pharaoh of the

Menes,—­Meen’-eez, captain of the royal guard.

Mentu,—­Men’-too, the murket or royal architect, father of Kenkenes.

Merenra,—­Mer-en’-rah, commander over the works at Pa-Ramesu.

Mesu,—­May’-soo, Moses, the Law-giver.

Mizraim,—­Miz’-ray-im, the Hebrew name for Egypt.

Mut,—­Moot, the mother goddess.

Nari,—­Nahr’-ee, the handmaiden of Masanath.

Nechutes,—­Nee-koo’-teez, the royal cup-bearer.

Nehapehu,—­Nee-hay’-pe-hiu, a fertile pocket in the Libyan desert, fifty miles south of Memphis.

Neferari Thermuthis,—­Nef-er-ahr’-ee Ther-moo’-this, first consort to
Rameses II and foster mother of Moses.

Nomarch,—­Nome’-ark, governor of a civil division called a nome.

On, Heliopolis,—­near the site of the modern Cairo.

Osiris,—­Oh-sy’-ris, the great god of Egypt, the principle of good, the creator.

Pa-Ramesu,—­Pay-Ram’-e-soo, a treasure city begun by Rameses II.

Paraschites,—­Par-a-shy’-teez, embalmers, an unclean class.

Pentaur,—­Pen’-tor, an Egyptian priest and poet of the time of Rameses

Pepi,—­Pay’-pee, servant of Masanath.

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