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Then Joseph went to the open window intending to leap out.  Two bullets struck him and he fell outward, exclaiming: 

O Lord, my God!”

As soon as he had struck the ground a mobber set him against a well curb a few feet from the jail, and then, by order of Col.  Levi Williams, a mobber and Baptist preacher, four men sent bullets into his body.

Then the mob fled, and the whole town of Carthage with them, fearing the vengeance of the people of Nauvoo.  But vengeance is the Lord’s.

Willard Richards was not hurt.  That night he spent in attending to his wounded brother, John Taylor, and watching over the dead bodies of the Prophet and Patriarch.

Joseph’s earthly work was done, and the Master had called him away from the haunts of mobs and wicked men.  He sealed his testimony with his blood.  He had spent his life in working for the salvation of his fellowman, and even yet in a freer and grander sphere he is working for the cause of Christ and the Church.

Topics.—­1.  Joseph nominated for president. 2.  Traitors. 3.  The Expositor. 4.  Joseph goes to Carthage. 5.  The martyrdom.

Questions and Review.—­1.  When was Joseph nominated for President of the United States? 2.  What were his ideas of slavery? 3.  Where were the large meetings in Nauvoo held? 4.  Who proved false to Joseph? 5.  How did the Saints know that Joseph was not a fallen prophet? 6.  What was the Nauvoo Expositor? 7.  Why was it destroyed? 8.  Why did Joseph object to being tried in Carthage? 9.  On what occasion did Joseph deliver his last speech? 10.  Why did not Joseph go west to the mountains? 11.  What did Governor Ford promise? 12.  Give some expressions of the prophet on going to Carthage. 13.  Who were with Joseph in jail? 14.  Tell about the martyrdom. 15.  When did it take place? 16.  How old was Joseph when he was killed?



When the bodies of the martyred Prophet and Patriarch were brought from Carthage, they were met by thousands of the Saints from Nauvoo who wept aloud for the loss of their beloved leaders.  The scene was a very sad one.  Elder Willard Richards spoke to the people and advised them to remain peaceable as they had always been, and let the Lord avenge the murder of their loved ones.

The bodies of Joseph and Hyrum were buried privately at Nauvoo so that their enemies might not disturb them.

And now the Saints were a little confused about who should be their leaders.  Joseph, the President of the Church, and Hyrum, one of his counselors, were dead, and Sidney Rigdon, the other counselors, had some months before got tired of affairs at Nauvoo and had gone to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  He was an apostate at heart, though he had not yet been cut off from the Church.  Most of the Twelve Apostles were away on missions, and word was sent for them to return as soon as possible.

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