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Now came others of the Apostles to England to roll on the work.  Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Pratt, and George A. Smith arrived on April 6, 1840.  At a conference held in Preston on the 14th, Willard Richards was ordained an Apostle, so that now there were eight of the Twelve together.  At this meeting it was decided to print a paper to be called The Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star.  This paper has been published from that day to this, it being the oldest publication in the Church.

The Church now grew rapidly.  Branches were organized in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and in many of the large cities in England.  At a conference held in the city of Manchester, April 6, 1841, it was found that there were about six thousand members of the Church in Great Britain.  Eight hundred Saints had emigrated to America during the year.  At this conference, nine of the Twelve were present, Orson Hyde having arrived on his way to Palestine, where he was going to dedicate that land for the gathering of the Jews.

Shortly after this conference, the apostles left England to return home, leaving Parley P. Pratt in charge of the mission.  From that time the work has continued in Great Britain, and many honest souls have come to the knowledge of the gospel.

Topics.—­1.  The first mission to England. 2.  Wilford Woodruff’s experience. 3.  Mission of the eight Apostles.

Questions and Review.—­1.  When were the first missionaries sent to England? 2.  Who were they? 3.  Where was the first sermon preached? 4.  How did the people receive the elders? 5.  What happened at Chatburn? 6.  What was accomplished in eight months? 7.  Who were the second missionaries to England? 8.  Who were the United Brethren? 9.  Tell of President Woodruff’s work among them. 10.  Who composed the third party of missionaries? 11.  What was done at the conference held April 14, 1840. 12.  What is the Millennial Star? 13.  What was Orson Hyde’s mission to Palestine?


Far west.

We must now leave the pleasant scenes of preaching the gospel in England, and go back to the more troubled times among the main body of the Saints in the State of Missouri.

You will remember that when the Saints were driven from Jackson county, they found a place to rest in Clay county just north across the river.  The people of Clay received them kindly, and the Saints stayed for about three years in that county.  During this period, they tried many times to regain their homes by asking the governor and even the president of the United States to enforce the laws and see that their lands and homes were given back to them.  Governor Dunklin talked very pleasantly about the rights of the Saints, but in the end he did nothing to protect the people or help them to gain possession of their property.

At a large meeting held in Liberty, the county seat of Clay county, on the 16th of June, 1834, in order to try to settle the trouble between the Saints and the Jackson county people, the following offer was made by the Jackson men to the Saints: 

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