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But of course the mob was not satisfied, so they laid a plan to capture Joseph and tar and feather him; but now the constable who had treated him so badly, saw by the trial that he was innocent, and came to Joseph and asked his forgiveness.  He told the prophet of the mob’s intentions and helped Joseph to get safely away home.

So the Lord was with his servants and helped them out of the hands of those who would harm them.  The Lord was also kind to the Saints and gave the Church many revelations which you may find in the book called “Doctrine and Covenants,” which contains the revelations given to the Church through Joseph the Prophet.

Topics.—­1.  Persecution of the Saints. 2.  The arrests and trials of Joseph. 3.  The Doctrine and Covenants.

Questions and Review.—­1.  What did Jesus say about persecution? (See St. Matthew 5:10, 12.) 2.  Where is Colesville? 3.  What was Joseph’s errand in Colesville? 4.  What did the mob do? 5.  For what was Joseph arrested? 6.  Tell about his first trial. 7.  Who testified at the second trial? 8.  After his discharge what did the mob intend to do to Joseph? 9.  Who helped him to escape? 10.  What is the Doctrine and Covenants?


The mission to the Indians.

In the month of September, 1830, a young man came to the house of Joseph Smith, at Fayette, and asked to see the prophet.  As Joseph was absent, he was referred to his brother Hyrum who explained to him what he wanted to know about the Book of Mormon, the revelations of the Lord to his brother, and the establishing of the Church.  The young man was a preacher of the sect called Campbellites, and his name was Parley P. Pratt.  On his journey from his home in Ohio to New York he had obtained a copy of the Book of Mormon, had read it, and had been deeply impressed with its beautiful truths.  Wishing to know more about this new revelation of God, he had sought out Joseph.

Parley P. Pratt joined the Church and soon became one of its leading men, working with Joseph and his brethren with great energy.  He became one of the Twelve Apostles, traveled in many parts of the earth preaching the gospel, wrote many fine books, and at last was killed by a wicked man in the state of Arkansas.

Some day you will want to read a full account of this great man’s history as he wrote it himself, but here I will give you but a few of these interesting events, because they have much to do with the Church at this point of our history.

You will remember that the Book of Mormon tells about the early history of the Indians.  In this book it is predicted that some day the gospel should be preached to them, and the record of their forefathers should also be brought to their knowledge.  At the second conference of the Church held in Fayette, September 1st, Oliver Cowdery, Parley P. Pratt, Ziba Peterson and Peter Whitmer, Jr., were called to go on a mission to the Indians.  They were to go into the wilderness through the western states and into the Indian Territory, preaching by the way whenever a chance afforded.

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