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Includes books which state the underlying principles of agriculture in plain language.  They are suitable for consultation alike by the amateur or professional tiller of the soil, the scientist or the student, and are freely illustrated and finely made.

The following volumes are now ready: 

THE SOIL.  By F.H.  KING, of the University of Wisconsin. 303 pp. 45 illustrations. 75 cents.

THE FERTILITY OF THE LAND.  By I.P.  ROBERTS, of Cornell University.  Second edition. 421 pp. 45 illustrations. $1.25.

THE SPRAYING OF PLANTS.  By E.G.  LODEMAN, late of Cornell University. 399 pp. 92 illustrations. $1.00.

MILK AND ITS PRODUCTS.  By H.H.  WING, of Cornell University.  Third edition. 311 pp. 43 illustrations. $1.00.

THE PRINCIPLES OF FRUIT-GROWING.  By L.H.  BAILEY.  Third edition. 516 pp. 120 illustrations. $1.25.

BUSH-FRUITS.  By F.W.  CARD, of Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.  Second edition. 537 pp. 113 illustrations. $1.50.

FERTILIZERS.  By E.B.  VOORHEES, of New Jersey Experiment Station.  Second edition. 332 pp. $1.00.

THE PRINCIPLES OF AGRICULTURE.  By L.H.  BAILEY.  Third edition. 300 pp. 92 illustrations. $1.25.

IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE.  By F.H.  KING, University of Wisconsin. 502 pp. 163 illustrations. $1.50.

THE FARMSTEAD.  By I.P.  ROBERTS. 350 pp. 138 illustrations. $1.25.

RURAL WEALTH AND WELFARE.  By GEORGE T. FAIRCHILD, ex-President of the Agricultural College of Kansas. 381 pp. 14 charts. $1.25.

THE PRINCIPLES OF VEGETABLE-GARDENING.  By L.H.  BAILEY. 468 pp. 144 illustrations. $1.25.

THE FEEDING OF ANIMALS.  By W.H.  JORDAN, of New York State Experiment Station. $1.25 net.

FARM POULTRY.  By GEORGE C. WATSON, of Pennsylvania State College. $1.25 net.

CARE OF ANIMALS.  By N.S.  MAYO, of Connecticut Agricultural College. $1.25 net.

New volumes will be added from time to time to the RURAL SCIENCE SERIES.  The following are in preparation: 

PHYSIOLOGY OF PLANTS.  By J.C.  ARTHUR, Purdue University.

BREEDING OF ANIMALS.  By W.H.  BREWER, of Yale University.

PLANT PATHOLOGY.  By B.T.  GALLOWAY and associates of U.S.  Department of

Comprises practical hand-books for the horticulturist, explaining and illustrating in detail the various important methods which experience has demonstrated to be the most satisfactory.  They may be called manuals of practice, and though all are prepared by Professor Bailey, of Cornell University, they include the opinions and methods of successful specialists in many lines, thus combining the results of the observations and experiences of numerous students in this and other lands.  They are written in the clear, strong, concise English and in the entertaining style which characterize the author.  The volumes are compact, uniform in style, clearly printed, and illustrated as the subject demands.  They are of convenient shape for the pocket, and are substantially bound in flexible green cloth.

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