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tranquility, and suffers you thus to go on afflicting us and our children, who have never given you the least provocation,—­Would he be to us a God of justice?  If you will allow that we are MEN, who feel for each other, does not the blood of our fathers and of us their children, cry aloud to the Lord of Sabaoth against you, for the cruelties and murders with which you have, and do continue to afflict us.  But it is time for me to close my remarks on the suburbs, just to enter more fully into the interior of this system of cruelty and oppression.



My beloved brethren:  The Indians of North and of South America—­the Greeks—­the Irish subjected under the king of Great Britain—­the Jews that ancient people of the Lord—­the inhabitants of the islands of the sea—­in fine, all the inhabitants of the earth, (except however, the sons of Africa) are called men, and of course are, and ought to be free.  But we, (coloured people) and our children are brutes!! and of course are and ought to be SLAVES to the American people and their children forever! to dig their mines and work their farms; and thus go on enriching them, from one generation to another with our blood and our tears!!

I promised in a preceding page to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the most incredulous, that we, (colored people of these United States of America) are the most wretched, degraded and abject set of beings that ever lived since the world began, and that the white Americans having reduced us to the wretched state of slavery, treat us in that condition more cruel (they being an enlightened and Christian people) than any heathen nation did any people whom it had reduced to our condition.  These affirmations are so well confirmed in the minds of all unprejudiced men who have taken the trouble to read histories, that they need no elucidation from me.  But to put them beyond all doubt, I refer you in the first place to the children of Jacob, or of Israel in Egypt, under Pharaoh and his people.  Some of my brethren do not know who Pharaoh and the Egyptians were—­I know it to be a fact that some of them take the Egyptians to have been a gang of devils, not knowing any better, and that they (Egyptians) having got possession of the Lord’s people, treated them nearly as cruel as christians Americans do us, at the present day.  For the information of such, I would only mention that the Egyptians, were Africans or colored people, such as we are—­some of them yellow and others dark—­a mixture of Ethiopians and the natives of Egypt—­about the same as you see the colored people of the United States at the present day,—­I say, I call your attention then, to the children of Jacob, while I point out particularly to you his son Joseph among the rest, in Egypt.

     “And Pharaoh, said unto Joseph, thou shalt be over my house,
     and according unto thy word shall all my people be ruled;
     only in the throne will I be greater than thou."[1]

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