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Slavery has fixed a deep gulf between you and us, and while it shuts out from you the relief and consolation which your friends would willingly render, it afflicts and persecutes you with a fierceness which we might not expect to see in the fiends of hell.  But still the Almighty Father of Mercies has left to us a glimmering ray of hope, which shines out like a lone star in a cloudy sky.  Mankind are becoming wiser, and better—­the oppressor’s power is fading, and you, every day, are becoming better informed, and more numerous.  Your grievances, brethren, are many.  We shall not attempt, in this short address, to present to the world, all the dark catalogue of this nation’s sins, which have been committed upon an innocent people.  Nor is it indeed, necessary, for you feel them from day to day, and all the civilized world look upon them with amazement.

Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago, the first of our injured race were brought to the shores of America.  They came not with glad spirits to select their homes, in the New World.  They came not with their own consent, to find an unmolested enjoyment of the blessings of this fruitful soil.  The first dealings which they had with those calling themselves Christians, exhibited to them the worst features of corrupt and sordid hearts; and convinced them that no cruelty is too great, no villainy, and no robbery too abhorrent for even enlightened men to perform, when influenced by avarice, and lust.  Neither did they come flying upon the wings of Liberty, to a land of freedom.  But, they came with broken hearts, from their beloved native land, and were doomed to unrequited toil, and deep degradation.  Nor did the evil of their bondage end at their emancipation by death.  Succeeding generations inherited their chains, and millions have come from eternity into time, and have returned again to the world of spirits, cursed, and ruined by American Slavery.

The propagators of the system, or their immediate ancestors very soon discovered its growing evil, and its tremendous wickedness, and secret promises were made to destroy it.  The gross inconsistency of a people holding slaves, who had themselves “ferried o’er the wave,” for freedom’s sake, was too apparent to be entirely overlooked.  The voice of Freedom cried, “emancipate your Slaves.”  Humanity supplicated with tears, for the deliverance of the children of Africa.  Wisdom urged her solemn plea.  The bleeding captive plead his innocence, and pointed to Christianity who stood weeping at the cross.  Jehovah frowned upon the nefarious institution, and thunderbolts, red with vengeance, struggled to leap forth to blast the guilty wretches who maintained it.  But all was vain.  Slavery had stretched its dark wings of death over the land, the Church stood silently by—­the priests prophesied falsely, and the people loved to have it so.  Its throne is established, and now it reigns triumphantly.

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