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     “Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son,
     and of the Holy Ghost.”

Have you not, on the contrary, entered among us, and learnt us the art of throat-cutting, by setting us to fight, one against another, to take each other as prisoners of war, and sell to you for small bits of calicoes, old swords, knives, &c. to make slaves for you and your children?  This being done, have you not brought us among you, in chains and handcuffs, like brutes, and treated us with all the cruelties and rigour your ingenuity could invent, consistent with the laws of your country, which (for the blacks) are tyrannical enough?  Can the American preachers appeal unto God, the Maker and Searcher of hearts, and tell him, with the Bible in their hands, that they make no distinction on account of men’s colour?  Can they say, O God! thou knowest all things—­thou knowest that we make no distinction between thy creatures to whom we have to preach thy Word?  Let them answer the Lord; and if they cannot do it in the affirmative, have they not departed from the Lord Jesus Christ, their master?  But some may say, that they never had or were in possession of a religion, which makes no distinction, and of course they could not have departed from it.  I ask you then, in the name of the Lord, of what kind can your religion be?  Can it be that which was preached by our Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven?  I believe you cannot be so wicked as to tell him that his Gospel was that of distinction.  What can the American preachers and people take God to be?—­Do they believe his words?  If they do, do they believe that he will be mocked?  Or do they believe because they are whites and we blacks, that God will have respect to them?  Did not God make us as it seemed best to himself?  What right, then, has one of us, to despise another and to treat him cruel, on account of his colour, which none but the God who made it can alter?  Can there be a greater absurdity in nature, and particularly in a free republican country?  But the Americans, having introduced slavery among them, their hearts have become almost seared, as with an hot iron, and God has nearly given them up to believe a lie in preference to the truth!!! and I am awfully afraid that pride, prejudice, avarice and blood, will, before long, prove the final ruin of this happy republic, or land of liberty!!!  Can any thing be a greater mockery of religion than the way in which it is conducted by the Americans?  It appears as though they are bent only on daring God Almighty to do his best—­they chain and handcuff us and our children and drive us around the country like brutes, and go into the house of the God of justice to return Him thanks for having aided him in their infernal cruelties inflicted upon us.  Will the Lord suffer this people to go on much longer, taking his holy name in vain?  Will he not stop them, PREACHERS and all?  O Americans!  Americans!!  I call God—­I call angels—­I call men, to witness, that your DESTRUCTION is at hand, and will be speedily consummated unless you REPENT.

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