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insert et after generis.  Page 204, line 7, Innsythe appears to be written in the MS. as one word.  Same line, insert uidit before zabulum.  Same page, line 18, after flumen add et ibi mersum est.  Page 205, line 32, read est ostensum.  Page 206, line 18, after libri add ad locum.  Same page, line 32, after manducans add in illa die.  Same page, line 38, read Kyaranus.  Same page, line 40, read Maelgharbh.  Page 207, line 13, after recepit add ipse.  Page 208, line 16, for complebit read implebit.  Page 209, line 23, delete et after clamor; and in the next line for impediebant read -bat.  Page 211, line 14, insert in before istis.  Same page, line 16, read loco isto.  Same page, line 40, read edifficio.  Page 212, line 2, read edifficiorum.  Page 213, line 10, after ignem insert nostrum.  Same page, line 21, for ipsi read ipsum.  Same page, line 37, after paciencie insert nostre.  Page 214, footnote 3, note that the first “uas” is struck out.  Same page, footnote 7, the first “sanctus” is expuncted.]

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To the incidents of Ciaran’s life VG prefixes—­

I. The Homiletic Introduction (VG I)

not found in any of the Latin Lives.

=A.= Ciaran was born A.D. 515.  The first section of his life, his Childhood and Boyhood, may have covered the first ten or twelve years of his life—­say in round numbers 515-530.  Fifteen incidents of this period are recorded, which are found in the Lives as under—­

II. The origin and birth of Ciaran; the
wizard’s prophecies
1 1 1 2
III. How Ciaran raised the steed of Oengus
from death
2 2 2 3
IV. How Ciaran turned water into honey 3 3 3 4
V. How Ciaran was delivered from a
6 9 4 5
VI. How Ciaran and his instructor conversed,
though distant from one another
4 — — 6
VII. Ciaran and the fox — — — 7 VIII. How Ciaran spoiled his mother’s

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