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5.  The gospel text had fallen into a lake, but when time passed, by the merits of Queranus, a cow brought it back sound from the abyss.

6.  When as a boy he was praying the Lord, and was spending his time in prayer, fire came from above in the citadel of the pole.  The dead boy descried the lights of life, and the saints glorify the mighty Lord.  Sparkling fire falling from heaven is kindled and forthwith he completes his especial duty.

7.  To the high and ineffable company of apostles of the heavenly Jerusalem, the lofty watch-tower, sitting on thrones shining like the sun, Queranus the holy priest, the eminent messenger of Christ, is exalted by the heavenly hands of angels, with the happy clans of holy ones made perfect; whom Thou, Christ, hast sent as a man, an apostle to the world, glorious in all the latest times.

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1.  The blessed and venerable abbot Queranus was born of a noble and religious stock of the Scots, of a father Beoid, that is Boeus, by name, who was a cartwright, and of a mother Darerca; of these many saints were born.  This man of God was prophesied of by Saint Patrick, fifty years before his birth.  Moreover when his mother, sitting in a carriage one day, passed near the house of a certain wizard, the wizard, hearing the noise of the carriage said in prophecy, “The carriage soundeth under a king.”  And when his folk went in surprise to see the truth of the matter, and beheld no one but the wife of Boeus in the carriage, they said in mockery, “Lo, the wife of Beoit sitteth in the carriage.”  To whom the wizard said, “Not of her do I speak, but of the son whom she hath in her womb, who shall be a mighty king; and as the sun blazeth in mid-day, so shall he with miracles shine and illumine this island.”  After this, as his father was being burdened under the taxes of Anmereus, that is Anmirech, leaving his native region he departed into the territory of the Conactei; and there in the plain of Ay he begat his blessed son Queranus, who was baptized and instructed by a certain holy man, Dermicius by name.  And the holy boy, in manners beyond his years, worked many wonders.


2.  So when the horse of the son of the king of that territory died by accident, he saw in a vision a shining man saying to him, “The holy boy Quieranus who liveth among you, can quicken thy horse.  Present him with a reward for the health of thy horse, and he shall resuscitate him.”  The royal youth, awakened from sleep, went to Queranus, and prayed him on behalf of the horse.  The holy boy, without delay, blessed water, and when he poured it into the mouth of the horse it was restored to its former health.  And when the king saw what was done, he made over an excellent field as a reward to Saint Quieranus.

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