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When he had gone some little distance from the place, there met him in the way a stag awaiting him with utmost gentleness.  Saint Kiaranus placed his book-satchels upon him, and wheresoever the stag would go, Saint Kieranus followed him.  The stag came to Loch Rii which is in the east of Connachta; he stood over against Inis Angin, which is in that lake.  Thereby Saint Kyaranus understood that the Lord had called him to that island, and dismissing the stag with a blessing he entered that island and dwelt there.


27.  Now when the fame of his holiness was noised abroad, from far and wide and from every quarter good men came together to him, and Saint Kiaranus made them his monks.  And many alms, in respect of various matters, would be given to Saint Kiaranus and to his people by the Faithful.  But a certain presbyter, by name Daniel, who owned Inis Angin, inspired by the devil’s envy, set about expelling Saint Kyaranus with his followers by force from the island.  But Saint Kiaranus, wishing to benefit his persecutor, sent him by faithful messengers a royal gift which had been given him in alms, namely a golden antilum, well adorned.  When the presbyter saw it, at first he refused to accept it; but afterwards, on the persuasion of trustworthy men, he received it gratefully.  And presbyter Daniel, filled with the grace of God, came and gifted Inis Angin which was in his possession, to God and to Saint Kiaranus for ever.


28.  On another day when Saint Kiaranus was in that island Angin, he heard the voice of a man in the port wishing to enter the island; and he said to his brethren, “Go ye, my brethren, and lead me hither him who is to be your abbot after me.”  So the brethren, voyaging quickly, found an unconsecrated youth in the port, whom despising they left there.  Coming back, they said unto Saint Kiaranus, “We found no man there save an unconsecrated youth, who wandered as a fugitive in the woods; he it is who calleth in the port.  Far removed from abbotship is his rudeness!” To these Saint Kiaranus said:  “Voyage ye without delay and bring him with speed; for the Lord having revealed it to me, by his voice I have recognised that he shall be your abbot after me.”  When the brethren heard this, they forthwith led him in, and Saint Kiaranus tonsured him, and he read diligently with him, and was filled from day to day with the grace of God; and after the most blessed Kiaranus, he was the holy abbot.  For he is the blessed Aengus, son of Luigse.


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