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miracles were manifested by him, and works of holiness are still there related.  Now when Saint Kiaranus was there, he saw this marvellous vision—­a like vision Saint Enna also saw—­to wit, a great and fruitful tree on the bank of the river Synna in the middle of Ireland, whose shadow was protecting Ireland on every side; and its branches were flowing beyond Ireland into the sea.  On the following day Saint Kiaranus related that vision to Saint Enna, which holy Father Enna forthwith interpreted, saying; “That fruitful tree which thou hast seen, and which I likewise have seen, thou art it, my son, who shalt be great before God and man.  Thine honour shall fill Ireland, and the helpful shade[4] of thy dutifulness and grace shall protect her from demons, plagues, and perils, and thy fruit shall be for a profit to many far and wide.  Therefore at the decree of God go thou without delay to the place wherein thy resurrection shall be, which shall be shown thee of God, so that thou mayest be for a profit to many.”  And there Saint Kiaranus was consecrated priest; and afterwards, at the command of holy Father Enna, and with the prayer and benediction of him and of all the saints that were in the island of Ara, Saint Kiaranus came to Ireland.


23.  One day when Saint Ciaran was making a journey, there met him a poor man in the way, who begged of him something in alms; and holy Ciaran gave him his cloak, and he himself went on afterwards in his under-garment only.  His journey led him to the island of Cathi which is in the entrance of the ocean to the west, in the estuary of Luimnech between the territories of Kiarraighe and of Corco Baiscind:  wherein was the most holy senior Senanus, who first dwelt in that island.  For a venomous and most hurtful monster had alone possessed that island from ancient times, which holy Senanus, by the power of God, had driven far from thence unto a certain lake; and to-day there is a shining and holy settlement in that island, in honour of Saint Senanus.  Now when Saint Kiaranus was approaching that island of Cathi, Saint Senanus foresaw in the spirit his coming and his nakedness:  and he sent a ship to bear him to the island, while he himself, taking a cloak secretly in his hands, went out to meet him at the island’s harbour.  Now when most blessed Senanus saw Saint Kyaranus coming to him, in an under-garment, he chid him sportively, saying, “Is it not shame that a presbyter should walk in a sole under-garment, without a cowl?” To him, Saint Kiaranus, smiling, said, “This my nakedness shall soon receive its alleviation, for there is a cloak for me under the vesture of mine elder Senanus.”  And Saint Kiaranus remained for some days with Saint Senanus, they passing the time in the divine mysteries; and they made a pact and a brotherhood between them, and thereafter Saint Kiaranus with the kiss of peace went his way.

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