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19.  On another day, when Saint Kiaranus was alone in his cell, he came to table to take food; and wishing to partake after a blessing, he said, “Benedicite.” When he saw that no one answered “Dominus,” he rose from the table, tasting nothing that day.  He did the like on the following day, still rising from the table without food.  On the third day, after having thus fasted for three days, he came to table and said, “Benedicite”; and lo, a voice from Heaven said unto him, “The Lord bless thee, weary Kiaranus; now is thy prayer full-ripe.  For it is enough for a man, whenever he is alone, to bless his food in the name of the Most High God, and then to partake.”  So Saint Kyaranus, giving thanks, ate his bread on the third day.


20.  One time he went to the King of Temoria, who was called Tuathal Mael-gharbh, in that he was harsh, so that he should set free a woman unjustly held in servitude with that king.  The king released not the woman to him.  Then Saint Kiaranus blessed her, and bade her go with him to her own people.  So she forthwith rose out of the house of the king, and made her way between crowds of men, and none of them saw her till she came safe to her friends.  Regarding this matter the king and the others marvelled greatly at the wondrous acts of God.


21.  On another occasion Saint Kyaranus entered the region of a certain lord of the Connachta, that in like manner he should demand from him a certain woman who was in unjust servitude to him.  As holy Ciaran was sitting there, lo, three men came with three gifts as an alms to him; namely, one gifted to him a cow, another a robe, and a third a frying-pan; and these three gifts did Ciaran straightway give to the poor who were begging of him in the presence of the lord.  Now in that hour in lieu of these gifts he received others yet greater in the presence of the lord; to wit, for the frying-pan a cooking-pot of three measures, and for the one robe twelve robes, and for the one cow twelve kine, were gifted to him by others.  Which things Saint Kiaranus sent to other holy men living hard by.  Seeing all these things, that lord graciously gave the woman free to Saint Kiaranus, and she went forth to her own people, rejoicing and giving thanks.


22.  After these things Saint Kiaranus made his way to an island by name Ara, which is in the ocean westward beyond Ireland a certain space.  And that same island is ever peopled from Ireland,[3] and in it dwell a multitude of holy men, and countless saints lie there unknown to all save only to God Omnipotent.  Now for many days did Saint Kyranus dwell in hard service, under the most holy Abbot Henna, and great

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