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[Footnote 24:  I should here have quoted as a parallel the oft-described Indian rope-trick, which is alleged to be a hypnotic feat, had I not been recently assured by a relative who knows India well that no one has yet been discovered who has actually seen this trick performed, and that it is probably nothing more than a piece of folk-lore.]

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[Footnote 28:  This is evidently a mistranslation of boban, the translator having in mind the word ban, “white.”]

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[Footnote 30:  Although the sense appears to run continuously from one stanza to the next in their present collocation.]

[Footnote 31:  MS. illegible.]

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[Sidenote deg.1:  R1 162b; R2 127d] [Sidenote deg.2:  R2 128a] [Sidenote deg.3:  R1 162c]

1.[ deg.1] Vir gloriosus, et uita sanctissimus abbas, Queranus, ex patre Boecio, matre Darercha [Darecha R2] ortus fuit.  Hic traxit originem de aquilonali parte Hibernie, Aradensium silicet genere.  Diuina quoque gratia a puerili etate sic ipse illustratus est, ut qualis[ deg.2] foret futurus luculenter appareret.[ deg.3] Erat [Cras MSS.] enim tanquam lucerna ardens eximia caritate, ut non solum feruorem pii cordis et deuocionem erga hominum inopiam releuandam [reuelandam MSS.] exhiberet; uerum et in creaturum irrationabilium necessitatibus infatigabilem ostenderet affectum.  Et quia tanta lucerna non debuit sub modio abscondi, ideo a puerili etate cepit miraculorum prod[ig]iis coruscare.

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