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“Now we will re-arrange the entrance to the cave as it was before,” said Dick.  “Then the sailors will never suspect what we have done.”

By sunset the work was over and all hands were back at the house, taking it easy.  Supper was ready, but they waited hard an hour, thinking that Baxter, Lesher, and their party would put in an appearance at any moment.

“I reckon they aren’t coming just yet,” said Captain Blossom, at length.  “Let us wait no longer.”

“I’m willing,” said Tom.  The extra work had sharpened his appetite wonderfully.

The evening passed quietly and soon one after another retired.  As agreed, the camp-fire was left burning, and each took his turn at remaining on guard.

In the morning it was Dora who made an announcement that startled all of them.  The girl had taken Captain Blossom’s spyglass and was looking across the bay in the direction of the wreck.

“There are men on board of the Golden Wave” she announced.  “I can see them quite plainly.”

“Men on board of the wreck!” cried Dick.  “Are you sure, Dora?”

“Look for yourself, Dick.”

The youth did so and saw that Dora was right.  Half a dozen figures could be seen walking to and fro.

“Who are they?” asked Tom.  “Lesher and his crowd?”

“That I can’t make out,” answered Dick, and handed over the glass to his brother.

All could see the men on the wreck, but at such a distance it was impossible to make out any faces.

“Maybe they are savages,” came from Grace.

“No, they are dressed like white people,” said Captain Blossom..

“Perhaps another ship has come in!” ejaculated Tom.  “If it has, we are saved!”

“I don’t see any other ship,” said old Jerry.

“It may be on the other side of yonder island,” came from Sam.

“The best thing we can do is to row over and investigate,” said Captain Blossom.  “If another ship has come in, the captain may claim that wreck and everything on board.”

A hasty breakfast was prepared and eaten, and it was agreed that the captain, Dick, and old Jerry should row over to the wreck in the best of the boats.  The three were soon on the way, wondering whom they were to meet and what sort of a reception would be tendered to them.



Captain Blossom had taken the spyglass along, and as they drew closer to the wreck he gazed long and earnestly at the men walking the deck of the Golden Wave.

“They are my crew,” he announced at last.  “And they are in tatters.”

“They must have had a hard time of it since you were cast ashore,” said Dick.

“Unless I am mistaken, not a one of them is sober,” went on the captain.  “They are cutting up like a band of wild Indians.”

Before long they were within hailing distance of those on the wreck.  Then a voice from the rail hailed them.

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