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“I want to know where Dick is?” said old Jerry stubbornly.

“I put him in the brig to cool off.  He’s too hot-headed for his own good.”

“You had no right to lock him up, Mr. Lesher.  You must let him out at once.”

“Git out of here, quick!” roared Lesher.  “On deck, or I’ll flog you well!”

“Ye won’t tech me!” cried Jerry, his temper rising.  “I aint under orders no more, mind that.  Now you let him out, or I’ll do it.  You was a fool to lock him up in the first place.”

He moved toward the brig, but Lesher caught him by the arm.

“Let’s teach this chap a lesson, too!” came from Baxter, and, like a flash, he struck old Jerry in the back of the head.  The first blow was followed by a second, and down went the tar, the blood oozing from one of his wounds.

“Don’t hit him again!” cried Lesher hastily.  “He’s out already.”

Baxter grew pale, thinking he had gone too far.  But he soon discovered that Jerry still breathed, and then he felt relieved.

It was decided by the pair that they should place old Jerry beside Dick in the brig, and this was quickly done.  Then they put into the prison a bucket of drinking water and a can of ship’s biscuits, and another of baked beans.

“They won’t starve on that,” said Lesher.  “And when they get out they’ll understand that I am as much of a master here as anybody.”

“It serves Dick Rover right,” said Baxter.  “He’s the kind that ought to be kept under foot all the time.”



“Those girls will ask some awkward questions, I reckon,” said Jack Lesher, as the two prepared to leave the wreck.

“We had better not say too much,” answered Baxter.

They were soon over the side and in the rowboat, which contained the bundle of clothing and a number of other articles.  Then an idea struck the mate.

“Wait; I am going back,” he said, and disappeared on the deck one more.

Dan Baxter imagined that Lesher had gone for more liquor.  But he was mistaken.  When the mate reappeared, he carried a box containing half a dozen pistols, two guns, and a quantity of ammunition.

“I am going to hide this in the woods on the other side of this island,” he said.  “The firearms may come in handy before long.”

“A good idea,” replied Baxter, and helped him place the case in a desirable spot, under some rocks, where the rain could not touch it.

“We are going to have a storm before long,” said the mate, as they started to row back to the camp.  “And if it is a heavy one we’ll have to wait till it clears off before we rejoin the rest of our crowd.”

The sky was growing dark, and by the time the beach in front of the house was gained the rain was falling.

“Where are Dick and, old Jerry?” asked Dora in quick alarm.  She had noted long before that only Baxter and the mate were in the rowboat.

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