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“We’ll be pleased to give them their full share of what is on the wreck, and if they behave themselves they can build a camp right next to this one.  But you must remember that we discovered the wreck first, and that Captain Blossom was the only man left on board.”

“We’ll see what the men have to say about this,” growled Lesher.  “Then you aint going to give me no liquor?”

“You can have one glass with your breakfast, and that is all.  After this you can have the regulation ship’s grog, with the other sailors.  But getting drunk has got to be stopped, even if we have to dump all the liquor into the ocean.”

By this time the girls had appeared on the scene, and the talk came to an end, Dick turning in to help get breakfast.  Jack Lesher walked down to the beach, followed by Dan Baxter.

“You see, it is just as I told you,” said Baxter.  “They are going to ride right over us.”

“They wouldn’t ride over us if I had those other sailors here,” growled the mate.

“Or if we were armed,” went on the bully.  “I tried to get hold of a pistol, but Dick Rover watches me like a cat watches a mouse.”

“If we could get to the wreck we might arm ourselves,” said Lesher.  “Here is a boat; let us row over.”

“I’m willing,” answered the bully.

They walked to the boat, shoved it into the water, and leaped in.  Just as Lesher picked up the oars Dick saw what they were doing.

“Stop!” he cried.

“What do you want?” growled the mate.

“Where are you going?”

“Over to the wreck.”

“What for?”

“That is our business,” put in Dan Baxter.

“You shan’t go over there until Captain Blossom comes back.”

“We’ll go when we please,” said Lesher, and started to row away.

“Come back, I say!” cried Dick, and, rushing into the house, he appeared with a shot-gun.

“What are you going to do, Dick Rover?” questioned Baxter in alarm.

“I am going to make you come back,” was the oldest Rover’s very quiet, but determined, answer.



The appearance of Dick with the shot-gun disturbed Jack Lesher quite as much as it did Dan Baxter, and the mate stopped rowing instantly.

“Hi! don’t you fire at us!” he cried.

“Then come back here,” said Dick.

“Haven’t I a right to visit the wreck?”

“I am not sure that you have.  Anyway, you must wait until Captain Blossom returns.”

“It seems to me that you are carrying matters with a high hand, young fellow.”

“Oh, Dick, be careful!” whispered Dora.  “They may become desperate.”

“Don’t worry, Dora,” he whispered in return.  Unless I miss my guess, one is as big a coward as the other.”

“I hope ye aint goin’ too far, Dick,” said old Jerry, in a low tone.

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