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“We can certainly have good times if Mrs. Stanhope’s health will permit,” said Dick.  “Here we are at the hotel.”

He uttered the last words as the carriage came to a stop at the curb.  He leaped out and so did the others; and a few minutes later found them safe and sound in the hotel.  They were assigned to a large room on the third floor, and hither they made their way, followed by their trunks, and then began to wash and dress up, preparatory to going down to the dining room, for the journeying around since breakfast had made them hungry.

“I think I am going to like San Francisco,” said Tom, as he was adjusting a fresh collar and gazing out of the window at the same time.  “Everything looks so bright and clean.”

“They have some pretty tall buildings here, the same as in Chicago and New York,” came from Dick, as he, too, gazed out of the window.

“Oh, all the big cities are a good deal alike,” put in Sam, who was drying his face on a towel.

“San Francisco is a mighty rich place,” continued Tom.  “They are too rich even to use pennies.  It’s five cents here, or a bit there, or two bits for this and two bits for that.  I never heard a quarter called two bits in New York.”

“I’ve been told that is a Southern expression, and one used in the West Indies,” said Dick.  “The early Californians—­My gracious!”

Dick broke off short and leaned far out of the window, which they had opened to let in the fresh spring air.

“What’s up?” queried Tom.  “Don’t fall out.”  And he caught his elder brother by the arm.

“I must have been mistaken.  But it did look like him,” said Dick slowly.

“Look like whom?” asked Sam, joining the pair.

“Dan Baxter.”

“Dan Baxter!  Here?” shouted the others.

“I am pretty sure it was Dan Baxter.”

“Where is he?” asked Tom.

“He is gone now—­he just disappeared around the hotel corner.”

“Well, if it really was Dan Baxter, we want to keep our eyes open,” was Sam’s comment.



The boys were very curious concerning their old enemy, and on going below took a walk around several squares in the vicinity, in the hope of meeting the individual who had attracted Dick’s attention.

But the search proved unsuccessful, and they returned to the hotel and went to dinner, with a larger appetite than ever.

“It would be queer if we met Dan Baxter out here,” said Tom, while they were eating.  “He seems to get on our heels, no matter where we go.

“If he came to San Francisco first, he’ll think we have been following him up,” said Sam.

“He must have come here before we did,” said Dick.  “Our arrival dates back but three hours,” and he grinned.

The meal over the boys took it easy for a couple of hours, and then prepared to go out and visit half a dozen points of interest and also purchase tickets for a performance at one of the leading theaters in the evening.

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