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“But you kin spell the hull of it?” asked the boy anxiously.

“Yes, certainly!” Bubble’s eager look subsided into one of mingled awe and admiration.

“Reckon ye must know a heap,” he said, rather wistfully.  “Wish’t I did!”

Hilda looked at him for a moment without speaking.  Her old self was whispering to her.  “Take care what you do!” it said.  “This is a coarse, common, dirty boy.  He smells of the stable; his hair is full of hay; his hands are beyond description.  What have you in common with such a creature?  He has not even the sense to know that he is your inferior.”  “I don’t care!” said the new Hilda.  “I know what mamma would do if she were here, and I shall do it,—­or try to do it, at least.  Hold your tongue, you supercilious minx!”

“Bubble,” she said aloud, “would you like me to teach you a little, while I am here?  I think perhaps I could help you with your lessons.”

The boy looked up with a sudden flash in his blue eyes, while his face grew crimson with pleasure.

“Would I like it?” he cried eagerly.  But the next moment the glow faded, and he looked awkwardly down at his ragged book and still more ragged clothes.  “Guess I ain’t no time to l’arn that way,” he muttered in confusion.

“Nonsense!” said Hilda, decidedly.  “There must be some hour in the day when you can be spared.  I shall speak to Farmer Hartley about it.  Don’t look at your clothes, you foolish boy,” she continued, with a touch of Queen Hildegardis’ quality, yet with a kindly intonation which was new to that potentate.  “I am not going to teach your clothes. You are not your clothes!” cried Her Majesty, wondering at herself, and a little flushed with her recent victory over the “minx.”  The boy’s face brightened again.

“That’s so!” he said, joyously; “that’s what Pink says.  But I didn’t s’pose you’d think so,” he added, glancing bashfully at the delicate, high-bred face, with its flashing eyes and imperial air.

“I do think so!” said Hilda.  “So that is settled, and we will have our first lesson to-morrow.  What would you—­”

“Hilda!  Hilda! where are you, dear?” called Dame Hartley’s voice from the other side of the currant-bush-hedge.  And catching up her basket, and bidding a hasty good-by to her new acquaintance and future scholar, Hildegarde darted back through the bushes.

Zerubbabel Chirk looked after her a few moments, with kindling eyes and open mouth of wonder and admiration.

“Wall!” he said finally, after a pause of silent meditation, “I swan!  I reelly do!  I swan to man!” and fell to weeding again as if his life depended on it.



     “Merry it is in the green forest,
      Among the leaves green!”

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