A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 eBook

Robert Kerr (writer)
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Islands, discovered.  Intercourse with the Natives.  Visit from Terreeoboo.  Another Island, called Owhyhee, discovered.  The Ships ply to Windward to get round it.  An Eclipse of the Moon observed.  The Crew refuse to drink Sugar-cane Beer.  Cordage deficient in Strength.  Commendation of the Natives of Owhyhee.  The Resolution gets to Windward of the Island.  Her Progress down the South-East Coast.  Views of the Country, and Visits from the Natives.  The Discovery joins.  Slow Progress Westward.  Karakakooa Bay examined by Mr Bligh.  Vast Concourse of the Natives.  The Ships anchor in the Bay, 402

Chap.  V. Captain King’s Journal of the Transactions on Returning to the Sandwich Islands, 421


I. Description of Karakakooa Bay.  Vast Concourse of the Natives.  Power of the Chiefs over the Inferior People.  Visit from Koah, a Priest and Warrior.  The Morai at Kakooa described.  Ceremonies at the Landing of Captain Cook.  Observatories erected.  Powerful Operation of the Taboo.  Method of Salting Pork in Tropical Climates.  Society of Priests discovered.  Their Hospitality and Munificence.  Reception of Captain Cook.  Artifice of Koah.  Arrival of Terreeoboo, King of the Island.  Returned by Captain Cook, 421
II.  Farther Account of Transactions with the Natives.  Their Hospitality.  Propensity to Theft.  Description of a Boxing Match.  Death of one of our Seamen.  Behaviour of the Priests at his Funeral.  The Wood Work and Images on the Morai purchased.  The Natives inquisitive about our Departure.  Their Opinion about the Design of our Voyage.  Magnificent Presents of Terreeoboo to Captain Cook.  The Ships leave the Island.  The Resolution damaged in a Gale, and obliged to return, 434
III.  Suspicious Behaviour of the Natives, on our Return to Karakakooa Bay.  Theft on Board the Discovery, and its Consequences.  The Pinnace attacked, and the Crew obliged to quit her.  Captain Cook’s Observations on the Occasion.  Attempt at the Observatory.  The Cutter of the Discovery stolen.  Measures taken by Captain Cook for its Recovery.  Goes on Shore to invite the King on Board.  The King being stopped by his Wife and the Chiefs, a Contest arises.  News arrives of one of the Chiefs being killed by one of our People.  Ferment on this Occasion.  One of the Chiefs threatens Captain Cook, and is shot by him.  General Attack by the Natives.  Death of Captain Cook.  Account of the Captain’s Services, and a Sketch of his Character, 446
IV.  Transactions at Owhyhee subsequent to the Death of Captain Cook.  Gallant Behaviour of the Lieutenant of Marines.  Dangerous Situation of the Party at the Morai.  Bravery of one of the Natives.  Consultation respecting future Measures.  Demand of the Body of Captain Cook.  Evasive and insidious Conduct of Koah and the Chiefs.  Insolent Behaviour of the Natives.  Promotion of Officers.  Arrival of two Priests
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