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As soon as this mock-fight was over, Omai put on his suit of armour, mounted a stage in one of the canoes, and was paddled all along the shore of the bay; so that every one had a full view of him.  His coat of mail did not draw the attention of his countrymen so much as might have been expected.  Some of them, indeed, had seen a part of it before; and there were others, again, who had taken such a dislike to Omai, from his imprudent conduct at this place, that they would hardly look at any thing, however singular, that was exhibited by him.


The Day of Sailing fixed.—­Peace made with Eimeo.—­Debates about it, and Otoo’s Conduct blamed.—­A Solemnity at the Morai on the Occasion, described by Mr King.—­Observations upon it.—­Instance of Otoo’s Art.—­Omai’s War-Canoe, and Remarks upon his Behaviour.—­Otoo’s Present, and Message to the King of Great Britain.—­Reflections on our Manner of Traffic, and on the good Treatment we met with at Otaheite.—­Account of the Expedition of the Spaniards.—­Their Fictions to depreciate the English.—­Wishes expressed that no Settlement may be made.—­Omai’s Jealousy of another Traveller.

Early in the morning of the 22d, Otoo and his father came on board, to know when I proposed sailing.  For, having been informed that there was a good harbour at Eimeo, I had told them that I should visit that island on my way to Huaheine; and they were desirous of taking a passage with me, and of their fleet sailing, at the time, to reinforce Towha.  As I was ready to take my departure, I left it to them to name the day; and the Wednesday following was fixed upon, when I was to take on board Otoo, his father, mother, and, in short, the whole family.  These points being settled, I proposed setting out immediately for Oparre, where all the fleet, fitted out for the expedition, was to assemble this day, and to be reviewed.

I had but just time to get into my boat, when news was brought, that Towha had concluded a treaty with Maheine, and had returned with his fleet to Attahooroo.  This unexpected event made all further proceedings, in the military way, quite unnecessary; and the war-canoes, instead of rendezvousing at Oparre, were ordered home to their respective districts.  This alteration, however, did not hinder me from following Otoo to Oparre, accompanied by Mr King and Omai.  Soon after our arrival, and while dinner was preparing, a messenger arrived from Eimeo, and related the conditions of the peace, or rather of the truce, it being only for a limited time.  The terms were disadvantageous to Otaheite; and much blame was thrown upon Otoo, whose delay, in sending reinforcements, had obliged Towha to submit to a disgraceful accommodation.  It was even currently reported, that Towha, resenting his not being supported, had declared, that, as soon as I should leave the island, he would join his forces to those of Tiaraboo, and attack Otoo at Matavai,

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