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Tree’), by the great Eo Dond, by Meide in Togmaill (’Ferret’s Neck’), by Meide in Eoin, (’Bird’s Neck’), by Baille (’the Town’), by Aile, by Dall Scena, by Ball Scena, by Ross Mor (’Great Point’), by Scuap (’the Broom’), by Imscuap, by Cenn Ferna, by Anmag, by Fid Mor (’Great Wood’) in Crannach of Cualnge, [3]by Colbtha, by Crond in Cualnge,[3] by Druim Cain on the road to Midluachar, [4]from Finnabair of Cualnge.  It is at that point that the hosts of Erin divided over the province in pursuit of the bull.  For it was by way of those places they went until they reached Finnabair.  Here endeth the Title.  The Story begineth in order.[4]

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[W.389.] On the first stage the hosts went [1]from Cruachan,[1] they slept the night at Cul Silinne, [2]where to-day is Cargin’s Lough.[2] And [3]in that place[3] was fixed the tent of Ailill son of Ross, [4]and the trappings were arranged, both bedding and bed-clothes.[4] The tent of Fergus macRoig was on his right hand; Cormac Conlongas, Conchobar’s son, was beside him; Ith macEtgaith next to that; Fiachu macFiraba, [5]the son of Conchobar’s daughter,[5] at its side; [6]Conall Cernach at its side,[6] Gobnenn macLurnig at the side of that.  The place of Ailill’s tent was on the right on the march, and thirty hundred men of Ulster beside him.  And the thirty hundred men of Ulster on his right hand had he to the end that the whispered talk and conversation and the choice supplies of food and of drink might be the nearer to them.

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Medb of Cruachan, [7]daughter of Eocho Fedlech,[7] moreover, was at Ailill’s left.  Finnabair (’Fairbrow’), [8]daughter of Ailill and Medb,[8] at her side, [9]besides servants and henchmen.[9] Next, Flidais Foltchain (’of the Lovely Hair’), wife first of Ailill Finn (’the Fair’).  She took part in the Cow-spoil of Cualnge after she had slept with Fergus; and she it was that every seventh night brought sustenance [W.404.] in milk to the men of Erin on the march, for king and queen and prince and poet and pupil.

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Medb remained in the rear of the host that day in quest of tidings and augury [] and knowledge. [1]She called to her charioteer to get ready her nine chariots for her,[1] [2]to make a circuit of the camp[2] that she might learn who was loath and who eager to take part in the hosting. [3]With nine chariots[a] she was wont to travel, that the dust of the great host might not soil her.[3] Medb suffered not her chariot to be let down nor her horses unyoked until she had made a circuit of the camp.

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