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Tuaim Mona:  Tumona, a townland in the parish of Ogulla, near Tulsk, south of Cruachan Ai, County Roscommon

Tuatha Bressi:  a name for the people of Connacht

Tuatha De Danann:  “the Tribes divine of Danu,” the gods of the Irish

Turloch teora Crich:  north of Tuaim Mona

Uachtur Lua:  in the land of Ross

Uarba:  a place in Ulster

Uathach:  one of the three women-teachers of Cuchulain and Ferdiad

Uathu:  north of Ochain

Ui Echach:  the barony of Iveagh, in the County Down

Umansruth:  a stream in Murthemne

Usnech:  father of Noisi, Annle and Ardan

Uthechar:  father of Celtchar and of Menn

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