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Meide ind Eoin, and Meide in Togmail:  places in or near the Boyne, in the
County Louth

Midluachair:  Slige Midluachra, the name of the highroad east of Armagh, leading north from Tara to Emain and into the north of Ireland

Mil:  the legendary progenitor of the Milesians (See Maic Miled)

Miliuc:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Moduirn:  see Sliab Moduirn

Moin Coltna:  a bog between Slieve Bawne and the Shannon

Moraltach:  great grandfather of Cuchulain

Morann:  a famous judge

Morrigan:  the war-goddess of the ancient Irish, “monstrum in feminae figura” (pronounced More-reegan)

Mossa:  a territory, the southern part of which must have been in the barony of Eliogarty, not far from Cashel, in the County Tipperary

Muach:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Muresc:  the land of Ailill’s mother; Murresk Hamlet, between Clew Bay and
Croagh Patrick, in the County Mayo

Murthemne:  a great plain along the northern coast of the County Louth between the river Boyne and the Cooley Mountains; now belonging to Leinster, but, at the time of the Tain, to Ulster (pronounced Muhr-hev-ny)

Nemain:  the Badb

Ness:  mother of King Conchobar by Cathba; she afterwards married Fachtna
Fathach and subsequently Fergus macRoig

Nith:  the river Dee which flows by Ardee, in the County Louth

Ochain:  the name of Conchan bar’s shield

Ochonn Midi:  a place near the Blackwater at Navan

Ochtrach:  near Finnglassa Asail, in Meath

Oenfer Aife:  another name for Conlaech

Oengus Turbech:  according to the Annals of Ireland, he reigned as High King from 384 to 326 B.C.

Ord:  south-east of Cruachan and north of Tiarthechta

Partraige beca:  Partry in Slechta south-west of Kells, in Meath

Port Large:  Waterford

Rath Airthir:  a place in Connacht

Rath Cruachan:  Rathcroghan, between Belanagare and Elphin, in the County

Rede Loche:  a place in Cualnge

Renna:  the mouth of the Boyne

Riangabair:  father of the charioteers, Laeg and Id

Rigdonn:  a place in the north

Rinn:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Rogne:  a territory between the rivers Suir and Barrow, in the barony of
Kells, the County Kildare or Kilkenny

Ross:  a district in the south of the County Monaghan

Ross Mor:  probably Ross na Rig, near Ball Scena

Sas:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Scathach:  the Amazon dwelling in Alba who taught Cuchulain and Ferdiad their warlike feats (pronounced Scaw-ha)

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