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Fochard Murthemni:  Faughart, two miles north-west of Dundalk, in the County

Fodromma:  a river flowing into the Boyne near Slane

Fuil Iairn:  the name of a ford west of Ardee

Gabal:  the Feeguile, a river in the King’s County

nGabar:  a place near Donaghmore, perhaps to, the west of Lough Neagh in the County Tyrone

Galian:  a name the Leinstermen bore.  They were Ailill’s countrymen

Gainemain:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Garech:  the name of the hill where the final battle of the Tain was fought, some distance south-east of Athlone and near Mullingar, in Westmeath

Gegg:  a woman’s name

Genonn Gruadsolus:  a druid and poet of Ulster; son of Cathba

Glaiss Colptha:  the river Boyne

Glaiss Gatlaig:  a river in Ulster

Glenamain:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Glenn Fochain:  probably a valley east of Bellurgan Station

Glenn Gatt:  a valley in Ulster

Glennamain:  in Murthemne

Glenn in Scail:  a place in Dalaraide, East Ulster

Glenn na Samaisce:  in Slieve Gullion, in the County Armagh

Glenn Tail:  another name for Belat Aileain

Gleoir:  the Glore, a river in Conalle Murthemni

Gluine Gabur:  east of the Shannon, in the County Longford

Gort Slane:  north of Slane and south-west of Druim Licce

Grellach Bobulge:  at Dunseverick, in Ulster

Grellach Dolar (or Dolluid):  Girley, near Kells, in the County Meath

Gualu Mulchi:  the town-land of Drumgoolestown on the river Dee, in the
County Louth

Ialla Ilgremma:  near Sliab Betha and Mag Dula

Ibar macRiangabra:  Conchobar’s charioteer

Id macRiangabra:  Ferdiad’s charioteer, brother to Laeg

Ilgarech:  a hill near Garech, q.v.

Iliach:  grandfather to Conall Cernach

Illann Ilarchless:  an Ulster warrior, son to Fergus

Imchad:  son to Fiachna

Imchlar:  near Donaghmore, west of Dungannon, in the County Tyrone

Immail:  a place in the Mourne Mountains, in Ulster

Imrinn:  a druid, son to Cathba

Inis Cuscraid:  Inch, near Downpatrick

Inis Clothrann:  Inishcloghran in Loch Ree, County Longford

Innbir Scene:  the mouth of Waterford Harbour near Tramore; or the mouth of
Kenmare Bay, in the County Kerry

Inncoin:  the Dungolman, a river into which the Inny flows and which divides the barony of Kilkenny West from Rathconrath, in the County Westmeath

Iraird Cuillinn:  a height south of Emain Macha, in Ulster

Irrus Domnann:  the barony of Erris, in County Mayo:  the clan which bore this name and to which Ferdiad belonged was one of the three heroic races of ancient Ireland

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