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Erc macFedilmithi:  an Ulster hero, son of Fedlimid and grandson of

Erna:  a sept of Munstermen who later settled about Lough Erne, in Connacht

Ess Ruaid:  Assaroe; a cataract on the River Erne near Ballyshannon, in the south of the County Donegal.  It constituted part of the old boundary between Ulster and Connacht

Etarbane:  one of the “seats” of the king of Cashel, in Tipperary

Ethliu:  father of Lug

Ethne:  sister of Medb (pronounced Ehnna)

Fachtna Fathach:  king of Ulster and later of all Ireland; adoptive father of Conchobar and husband of Ness, Conchobar’s mother

Fal (or Inisfail):  one of the bardic names for Ireland; Medb is called “of
Fal,” as daughter of the High King of Ireland (pronounced Fawl)

Fan na Coba:  a territory in the baronies of Upper and Lower Iveagh, in the
County Down

Fedain Cualngi:  a place in Ulster

Fedlimid Nocruthach:  daughter of King Conchobar, wife of Loegaire Buadach, mother of Fiachna and cousin-german of Cuchulain (pronounced Falemid)

Femen:  a territory at Slieve-na-man, extending perhaps from Cashel to
Clonmel, in the southern part of the County Tipperary

Fene:  the old tribal name of the Gaels; the “King of the Fene” is
Conchobar, King of Ulster

Feorainn:  a place near Ardachad, on Medb’s march into Ulster

Fercerdne:  chief poet of the men of Ulster

Ferdiad:  (pronounced Fair-dee-ah)

Fergus macRoig:  one time king of Ulster; in voluntary exile in Connacht after the treacherous putting to death of the sons of Usnech by Conchobar.  He became the chief director of the Tain under Medb

Ferloga:  Ailill’s charioteer

Fernmag:  Farney, a barony in the County Monaghan

Ferta Fingin:  at Sliab Fuait

Fiachu macFiraba:  one of the exiles of Ulster in the camp of Medb

Fian:  the warrior-class

Fid Dub:  a wood, north of Cul Silinne, on Medb’s march into Ulster

Fid Mor:  a wood, north of Dundalk and between it and Sliab Fuait

Fingabair:  probably in the Fews Mountains

Finnabair:  daughter to Ailill and Medb (pronounced Fin-nuh-hur)

Finnabair:  Fennor, on the banks of the Boyne, near Slane, in Meath

Finnabair Slebe:  near Imlech Glendamrach

Finncharn Slebe Moduirn:  a height in the Mourne Mountains

Finnglas:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Finnglassa Asail:  a river south-east of Cruachan

Fir Assail:  a district containing the barony of Farbill, in Westmeath

Flidais Foltchain:  wife of Ailill Finn, a Connacht chieftain; after her husband’s violent death she became the wife of Fergus, and accompanied him on the Tain

Fochain:  near Cuchulain’s abode

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