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Conchobar:  son of Cathba the druid, and of Ness, and foster-son of Fachtna
Fatach (variously pronounced Cruhoor, Connahoor)

Conlaech:  son of Cuchulain and Aife

Corcumruad:  the present barony of Corcomroe, in the County Clare

Cormac Conlongas:  King Conchobar’s eldest son; called “the Intelligent Exile,” because of the part he took as surety for the safety of the exiled sons of Usnech

Coronn:  the barony of Corran, in the County Sligo

Corp Cliath:  a place in Ulster

Craeb ruad:  ordinarily Englished “Red Branch”; better, perhaps, “Nobles’
Branch:”  King Conchobar’s banqueting-hall, at Emain Macha

Crannach:  at Faughart, north-east of Fid Mor

Cromma:  a river flowing into the Boyne not far from Slane

Cronn hi Cualngi:  probably a hill or river of this name near Cualnge

Cruachan Ai:  the ancient seat and royal burial-place of the kings of Connacht, ten miles north-east of the modern Rathcroghan, near Belanagare, in the County Roscommon (pronounced Croohan)

Cruinn:  a river in Cualnge:  probably the stream now called the Piedmont
River, emptying into Dundalk Bay

Cruthnech:  the land of the Irish Picts; the northern part of the County
Down and the southern part of the County Antrim

Cu, Cucuc, Cuacain, Cucucan, Cucucuc:  diminutives of the name Cuchulain

Cualnge:  Cooley, a mountainous district between Dundalk Bay and Drogheda, in the barony of Lower Dundalk, in the County Louth.  It originally extended to the County Down, and the name is now applied to the southern side of the Carlingford Mountains (pronounced Cooln’ya)

Cualu:  a district in the County Wicklow

Cuchulain:  the usual name of the hero Setanta; son of the god Lug and of
Dechtire, and foster-son of Sualtaim (pronounced Cuhoolin)

Cuib:  on the road to Midluachair

Cuilenn:  the Cully Waters flowing southward from County Armagh into County

Cul Siblinne:  now Kells in East Meath

Cul Silinne:  Kilcooley, a few miles to the south-east of Cruachan, in the
County Roscommon

Culenn:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Cuillenn:  see Ard Cuillenn

Cuillenn Cinn Duni:  a hill in Ulster

Cuince:  a mountain in Cualnge

Cumung:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Curoi:  son of Dare and king of South Munster

Cuscraid Menn Macha:  son of Conchobar

Dall Scena:  a place north of Aile

Dalraida:  now “the Route,” a territory north of Slieve Mish, in the north of the County Antrim

Dare:  chieftain of the cantred of Cualnge and owner of the Brown Bull of

Dechtire:  sister of King Conchobar and mother of Cuchulain

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