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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 368 pages of information about The Ancient Irish Epic Tale Tin B Calnge.

Brug na Boinde:  Brugh on the Boyne, near Stackallen Bridge, County Meath, one of the chief burial-places of the pagan Irish

Buagnech:  probably in Leinster and near the river Liffey

Buan:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Buas:  the river Bush, in the County Antrim

Burach:  a place in Ulster

Callann:  the Callan, a river near Emain Macha

Canann Gall:  a place in Ulster

Carn:  north of Inneoin; probably Carn Fiachach, in the parish of Conry, barony of Rathconrath, Westmeath

Carn macBuachalla, at Dunseverick, in Ulster

Carbre:  stepson of Conchobar and brother of Ailill

Carrloeg:  a place in Ulster

Casruba:  father of Lugaid and grandfather of Dubthach

Cathba:  north-east of Ochonn, in Meath; or a river flowing into the Boyne, some distance to the west of Slane

Cathba:  a druid of Conchobar’s court; according to some accounts, the natural father of King Conchobar (pronounced Cahvah)

Celtchar:  son of Uthechar, an Ulster warrior

Cenannas na rig:  Kells, in the Covinty Meath

Cenn Abrat:  a range of hills on the borders of the Counties Cork and

Cet macMagach:  a Connacht warrior

Cinn Tire:  a place in Ulster

Clann Dedad:  one of the three warrior-clans of Erin:  a sept occupying the territory around Castleisland, County Kerry

Clann Rudraige:  the warriors of King Conchobar:  one of the three heroic tribes of Ireland

Clartha:  Clara, near the present town of Mullingar, in the County Westmeath

Cletech:  a residence of the kings of Ireland in Mag Breg, near Stackallan
Bridge, on the banks of the Boyne

Clidna:  see sub Tonn

Clithar Bo Ulad:  probably in the centre of the County Louth

Cliu:  an extensive territory in the county Limerick

Clothru:  sister of Medb:  Medb slew her while her son, Firbaide, was still unborn

Cluain Cain:  now Clonkeen, in the west of County Louth

Cluain Carpat:  a meadow at the river Cruinn in Cualnge

Cluain maccuNois:  Clonmacnoise, on the Shannon, about nine miles below

Cnoc Aine:  Knockany, a hill and plain in the County Limerick

Cnogba:  Knowth, on the Boyne, near Drogheda, a couple of miles east of
Slane, in the County Meath

Colbtha:  the mouth of the Boyne at Drogheda, or some place near the Boyne

Collamair:  between Gormanstown and Turvey, in the County Dublin

Coltain:  south of Cruachan Ai

Conall:  probably Tyrconnel, in the County Donegal

Conall Cernach:  one of the chief warriors of Ulster:  foster-brother of
Cuchulain and next to him in point of prowess

Conalle Murthemni:  a level plain in the County Louth, extending from the
Cooley Mountains, or Carlingford, to the Boyne

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