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Ath na Foraire:  on the road between Emain and Loch Echtrann

Ath Slissen:  Bellaslishen Bridge; a ford on the Owenure River, near Elphin, in Connacht

Ath Solomshet:  a ford, probably in Ulster

Ath Srethe:  a ford in Conalle Murthemni

Ath Tamuin:  a ford, somewhere in Ulster

Ath Traged:  at the extremity of Tir Mor, in Murthemne

Ath Truim:  Trim, on the river Boyne, in the County Meath

Aue:  a slave in the household of King Conchobar

Aurthuile:  north-east of Airne

Bacca:  in Corcumruad

Bacc Draigin:  a place in Ulster

Badb:  the war-fury, or goddess of war and carnage; she was wont to appear in the form of a carrion-crow.  Sometimes she is the sister of the Morrigan, and, as in the Tain Bo Cualnge, is even identified with her (pronounced Bive)

Badbgna:  now Slieve Bawne, a mountainous range, in the barony of
Ballintubber, in the east of County Roscommon

Baile:  north-east of Meide ind Eoin, on Medb’s march from Connacht into

Baile in Bile:  on the way to Ardee

Bairche:  Benna Bairche, the Mourne Mountains, north of Dundalk, in Ulster

Ball Scena:  north-east of Dall Scena

Banba:  an old name for Ireland

Banna:  now the Bann, a river in Ulster

Becaltach:  grandfather of Cuchulain

Bedg:  a river in Murthemne

Belat Aileain:  probably between Cualnge and Conalle Murthemni

Belach Caille More:  north of Cnogba

Benna Bairche:  see Bairche

Berba:  the Barrow, a river in Leinster

Bercha:  on or near the Shannon, near Bellanagare, in East Roscommon

Berchna:  probably for Bercha

Bernas:  the pass cut by Medb from Louth into Armagh; probably the “Windy
Gap” across the Carlingford Peninsula

Betha:  see Sliab Betha

Bir:  the name of several rivers; probably Moyola Water, a river flowing into Lough Neagh

Bithslan:  a river in Conalle Murthemni

Blai:  a rich Ulster noble and hospitaller

Boann:  the River Boyne

Bodb:  the father of Badb

Boirenn:  Burren, in the County Clare

Brane:  probably a hill not far from Ardee, in the County Louth

Breslech Mor:  a fort in Murthemne

Brecc:  a place in Ulster

Brega:  the eastern part of Meath

Brenide:  a river in Conalle Murthemni, near Strangford Lough

Bricriu:  son of Carbad, and the evil adviser of the Ulstermen

Bri Errgi:  stronghold of Errge Echbel, in the County Down

Brigantia:  Betanzos, in Galicia, on the north coast of Spain

Bri Ross:  a hill to the north of Ardee, in the County Louth

Brug Meic ind Oc, or, as it is also called,

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