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15.  In what two ways did Jacob mistreat Esau?

16.  How long did Jacob serve for his wives and cattle?

17.  Fill out the following diagram of Jacob’s wives, concubines and children.  See 35:23.

|         |         |         |         |
|         |         |         |         |
|         |         |         |         |
|         |         |         |         |
|         |         |         |         |

18.  Give origin, meaning and location of Mizpah.

19.  Give the two chief reasons for the elevation of Joseph.

20.  Name the dreams interpreted by Joseph.

21.  Locate and give the substance of Judah’s plea.

22.  How many of the house of Jacob went down into Egypt?


These questions must needs be few in number.  If the time permits, let the teacher add others.  They are designed to be mere surface questions, to secure acquaintanceship with a few of the great facts.  In assigning the questions on each book of the Bible let the teacher go over them with the class, seeking their knowledge (or imparting it) as to the chapters in which the answers may be found.  If the class has the time and desires a more thorough acquaintance with each book, let each member prepare two “large” questions on each chapter, or upon as many chapters as they desire.  The following questions on Chapter 1 will serve as examples:  (1) Name the seven purposes of the lights. (2) State the number of times the word God occurs.

XV. Items of Special Interest:

1.  The symmetry of the paragraphs in the record of the six creative days in Chapter 1.

2.  God’s notice of the human countenance. 4:6.

3.  The first piece of recorded poetry is degenerating, bloody. 4:23, 24.

4.  The word for “rooms,” 6:14, in the margin is “nests”—­a primitive description.

5.  The richness of the historical prophecy in 9:27.

XVI. Individual Finds:

Chapters 10, or 23, or 37, or all.  Or each of these three chapters could be assigned to a third of the class.



From personal knowledge and reading, from perusal of articles in Bible helps and dictionaries, write out in your own language a two-hundred-word description of the book as a whole, its purpose, its nature, etc.


(To be memorized and told, with care in regard to all details.)

1.  Description of Job and His Household.  Chapter 1.

2.  First Interview between Jehovah and Satan. 1.

3.  First Test and Result. 1.

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