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3.  The books in each division are arranged in chronological order.  In Division Nine the fourteen epistles of Paul are placed first, in the order of their composition, then the seven general epistles in the order of their writing.

4.  Where the books of a division are separated into two groups by a dash, those above the dash are historical, those beneath the dash are biographical, or poetical, or legal, or prophetical, or epistolary.

5.  The teacher may exercise his own judgment in requiring the committal of this chart at the start, or part by part as the study proceeds.



Genesis Page

Job Page


1.  Use full page in blank book, copying as above.

2.  Place number of page on which above studies begin in blank book.  This serves as index.


1.  Pictorial Device.

2.  Kind of Literature.

3.  Meaning of Name.

4.  Author.

5.  Beginning and Ending Dates.

6.  Outline of Contents.

7.  Key Verse.

8.  Leading Thought.

9.  Leading Phrases and Verses.

10.  Leading Chapters with Names.

11.  Leading Characters.

12.  Leading Lessons.

13.  What of Christ: 

(a) Symbol.

(b) Type.

(c) Analogy.

(d) Prophecy.

14.  Questions.

15.  Items of Special Interest.

16.  Individual Finds.


Most of the books in the first four divisions will be studied with this outline as a basis.  In the pursuance of these lessons the numbers left vacant in the outline are to be wrought out by the pupils.  In recording the work in the blank book the first page is to be given to the pictorial device.  One of these will be printed in its appropriate place.  Let students prepare the others.  Urge the pupils to use originality of thought and pen in producing them.  The aim of the device is to impress by a simple picture the contents of the book as a whole.  Under No. 2 the kind of literature may be described, as history, law, discourse, biography, etc.  Secure answers to Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 in Bible Dictionary.  As a rule, Nos. 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 will be given.  Under No. 10 part of the chapters will be named, and part are to be read and named by the pupils.  After the pupils present the names of these chapters in class, one must be agreed upon, so that the names will be uniform.  When the names of chapters are given in the outline, require the pupils to glance over the chapters and verify them.  Under No. 13 the foreshadowed facts of Christ are given, so

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