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2.  What is meant by the phrase, “the end of the Lord,” in verse 11?

3.  What command resembles one in the Sermon on the Mount?

4.  What are the sick exhorted to do?

5.  What two results occur when one turns a sinner to Christ?


The two letters of Peter afford splendid opportunity for noting the impress of the writer’s character and experience upon his writings.  Let the teacher judge as to the extent of this study.  The following are suggested: 

1.  Name ten chief events in Peter’s life, recorded in the Gospels.

2.  Name ten chief events in Peter’s life, recorded in the Acts.

3.  Name six leading qualities of Peter’s character.

4.  Note now in I Peter 1 and II Peter 1 any words or truths suggested by the writer’s character and experience.  The following are given as examples: 


Verse 3:  “Inheritance.”  See Matt. 19:27.  “What shall we have?”

Verse 5:  “Guarded through faith.”  See Luke 22:31, 32.

Verse 6:  “Manifold trials.”  Name Peter’s tests.


1.  In the introduction, 1:1-4, record under the three following topics the words of the writer: 

1.  John’s Personal Experience with Christ.

2.  John’s Sharing this Experience.

3.  The Purpose of Sharing this Experience.

2.  Name the books written by John.

3.  Name the purpose of this letter.  Chapter 5:13.

4.  Select five tests in Chapters 2 and 3 by which we may know that we are the Lord’s disciples.

5.  In the following diagram of steps supply a verb after the pronoun “I” that sets forth the thought of each respective book: 

I               |
|First Letter
I               |

6.  Are there any signs in this book of the “Boanerges” remaining?  If so, mention them.

7.  Name the two definitions of God and state why John would be enabled to record them.

8.  How many references to Old Testament characters in the letter?  How many in James?  In I Peter?  Why fewer in John?

9.  Write out Chapter 4, underlining the word “love” and its derivatives, numbering the same.

10.  Where in the catalogue of graces is love placed by James, Peter, John, Paul, Christ?  Select and record the verses. (See concordance.)

11.  In what ways may these cold hearts of ours be made to beat with fervent love toward God and men?



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