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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 44 pages of information about A Bird's-Eye View of the Bible.

7.  In Chapter 4 what three things did Paul say he had learned?


Read the book three times, slowly, thoughtfully, prayerfully.  Enter as far as possible into the surroundings and feelings connected with this last letter of the martyr Paul—­this personal letter to this loved son in the faith.  Then write your impressions and ideas regarding its contents, using three hundred words.


I. The Authors—­A Brief Biography of Each:

See Bible Dictionary.

II. To Whom Addressed.

See the beginning of each letter.  The following is an example: 

James:  “To the twelve tribes which are of the Dispersion.”

III. Place and Date of Writing:

See Bible Dictionary.  The following is an example: 

James.  Jerusalem.  About 62 A.D.

IV. General Purpose of Contents:

See Bible Dictionary.  The following is an example: 

James.  A book of practical morals.  Also to comfort the scattered and persecuted Jewish Christians.


Chapter 1

1.  Why can a person be joyful when falling into temptation?  Verses 2, 3 and 4.

2.  How does temptation begin?

3.  Give meaning of phrase:  “Father of Lights.”

4.  What six words voice the author’s strong exhortation regarding the Word?

5.  Name the two elements of pure religion.

Chapter 2

1.  What charge is made against the wealthy worshipers?

2.  Name the royal law.

3.  What two factors are necessary to salvation and which does James emphasize?

4.  What do demons believe?  Give proof.

5.  What two illustrations are taken from Old Testament biography?

Chapter 3

1.  Give a title to the chapter.

2.  How large a part does the control of the tongue have in the making of character?  Explain.

3.  To what two things is the tongue compared in verses 3 and 4?

4.  What three things does the writer declare the tongue to be?

5.  If no man can tame the tongue, what two things must follow on the part of every one who desires to get it under control?

Chapter 4

1.  Name the cause mentioned for unanswered prayer.

2.  Give the author’s recipe for causing the devil to flee.

3.  Give the author’s recipe for securing the presence of God.

4.  What phrase must a believer use when speaking of a future act, and why?

5.  Give James’ definition of sin and state how it differs from John’s.  (See I John 3:4, Authorized Version.)

Chapter 5

1.  What two illustrations are taken from Old Testament history?

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