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III. Brief Description of Roman People.


V. 1:16 and 17.

VI. Chapters I to II:  Doctrine.

Chapters 12 to 16:  Practice.

VII. To prove that sinful men are saved not by works, but by faith.

VIII. “The wages * *

If God is for us * *

Overcome evil * *

(Finish the phrases and locate them.)

IX. The three therefores: 5:1, 8:1, 12:1.

X. 1.  The Fearful Picture of Sin.

7.  The Christian’s Wrestling Match with Sin.

8.  Safety.

10.  Missionary.

11.  Conversion of the Jews.

12.  Practical Religion.

13.  Citizen and Ruler.

16.  Salutations.

XI. Christ, our Righteousness.

XII. Questions:

1.  Locate as to book and chapter Paul’s quotations from the Old Testament in Chapters 3, 4 and 10.

2.  Name three truths in Chapter 8 that are assurances of the believer’s safety.

3.  Number the commands in Romans 12:9-21.

4.  By what phrase is a civil ruler described in Chapter 13?

5.  Whither did Paul expect to go?  Chapter 15.




III. Brief Description of the Founding. (See Acts 16.)


V. Gain and Joy.

VI. Omit.

VII. A personal letter of gratitude, testimony and exhortation.

VIII. “To die * *

Work out * *

Rejoice in * *

(Complete the phrases and locate.)

IX. Record and Commit these three verses:

1:6.  A promise.

2:5.  An exhortation.

3:14.  A personal testimony.

X. 2. Paul’s Double Picture of Christ.

3. Paul’s Marvelous Personal Testimony.

XI. The Immeasurable Worth of Christ.

XII. Questions:

1.  Underline the word “gain” and state number of times found in the book.

2.  Underline the words “joy” and “rejoice” and state number of times each is found in the book.

3.  How many times does the personal pronoun “I” occur in Chapter 1?

4.  In Chapter 2 what two men’s names are mentioned and what facts regarding them?

5.  In Chapter 3 what three things was Paul determined to know?

6.  In Chapter 3 what four words or phrases are taken from the race?

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