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Hold fast * *

(Complete the phrases and locate.)

IX. Omit.

X. 1.  A Model Church.

4 and 5.  The Second Coming of Christ.

XI. Christ is Coming Again.

XII. Questions:

1.  Name three chief things commendable in these Thessalonian Christians.  Chapter 1.

2.  By what two illustrations does Paul describe his relations to them?  Chapter 2.

3.  By what two expressions does Paul describe the large place they occupied in his heart?  Chapter 2.

4.  Why did not Paul visit them, according to his desire?  Chapter 2.

5.  What did Paul say would be life to him?  Chapter 3.

6.  For what two purposes did he send Timothy?  Chapter 3.

7.  What do you regard as the most striking exhortation of Chapter 4?

8.  Is 5:16 possible? (See Phil. 4:4.)

9.  What expression in Chapter 5 is taken from the words of our Lord?

10.  Locate and write out one reference in each chapter to our Lord’s second coming.




III. Description of Corinth and of Church at Corinth.


V. Wisdom.

VI. Omit.

VII. Threefold purpose:  (1) To restore unity; (2) To teach doctrines; (3) To remove evils.

VIII. “Ye are bought * *

O death, where * *

Quit you * *

(Complete the phrases and locate.)

IX. Record these and commit them:

3:16; 13:1; 15:58.

X. Assign names to the following chapters:

11; 13; 15.

XI. Christ our Wisdom.

XII. The questions are chapter questions:

Chapter 1.  Upon what four persons was the church divided?

Give total number of times the words “wise” and “wisdom” are found in the first three chapters.  Underline these two words in these chapters.

Chapter 4.  Whom does Paul command the church to imitate, and is he justified in so doing?

Chapter 6.  What is the body called?

Chapter 7.  What strong position does Paul take about the eating of meat? 
State the principle in other words.

Chapter 9.  How does Paul act in order to win people to Christ?  What two
Grecian games does he use as illustrations?

Chapter 11.  Why does Paul record the teaching regarding the Lord’s

Chapter 12.  What comforting truth to the Christian worker in verses 12 to 25?



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