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II. The Inscription: 1:1.

1.  To whom?

2.  Reference to what book?

III. Chronology:

1.  Name beginning and ending dates.

2.  Length of time of contents.

3.  Contents during the reigns of what four Roman emperors.

IV. Analysis of the Key Verse: 1:8.

1.  Name the Divine Agent.

2.  Name the Human Instrument.

3.  Name the Equipment.

4.  Name the Method.

5.  Name the Threefold Division of the Field: 

(a) City.

(b) Home Land.

(c) Foreign Lands.

NOTE.—­This verse outlines the progress of the kingdom in this book during one generation.  It also outlines the plan of God touching the work of each disciple, each individual church, and the church universal.  Here is the pattern.  With hunger to know and willingness to do should every disciple study this pattern book.  Am I measuring up to the plan of God?  Is this church measuring up to the plan of God?

V. Outline of Contents:

1.  The Kingdom’s Witness in the City.  Chapters 1 to 7.

2.  The Kingdom’s Witness in the Home Land.  Chapters 8 to 12.

3.  The Kingdom’s Witness in the Uttermost Parts of the Earth.  Chapters 13 to 28.

VI. Pattern Chapters for Church Work:

1.  A Model Prayer Meeting.

2.  A Model Sermon and Revival.

6.  A Model for Church Officers.

8.  A Model for Personal Work.

9.  A Model Conversion.

10.  A Model Minister.

VII. Chapter Questions:

The ten following questions are to be answered in the first ten chapters, one in each consecutive chapter as numbered.  If desired, ask pupil to be ready to answer any question propounded by the teacher on these chapters.

1.  Name the apostle selected in the place of Judas, the method of selection, and why disciples never afterward used this method.

2.  Name the immediate results of the outpouring of the Spirit.

3.  With what three things touching Christ did Peter charge the Jews?

4.  What three things did the magistrates note about Peter and John?

5.  Name the offenders, the offense, the penalty and the reason for such severe punishment.

6.  Name the two classes of church officers, the number of each, and the work of each.

7.  Name the first martyr and state how the circumstances surrounding his death resembled those surrounding the death of Christ.

8.  Name the new city entered, the two chief converts mentioned, and the three leading workers.

9.  In Saul’s conversion name three factors and three proofs, also three trials following.

10.  Name the change wrought in Peter through the vision.

VIII. Outline Map of Paul’s Life:

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