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Draw three layers of stone forming lower part of wall.  On this draw four portions of the wall intact, with three breaks between.  In these three breaks place the words:  “Temporal, 3 to 6;” “Civil, 5;” “Religious, 8 to 13.”  On the unbroken portion of the wall place the figure “52” and the phrase:  “A Great Work.”  Over the device place the word God.  Add any original touches suggested by the book.

I. Give a brief narrative of Nehemiah’s return as recorded in Chapters 1 and 2.

II. General Contents:

1.  Rebuilding the temporal wall.

2.  Rebuilding the civil wall.

3.  Rebuilding the religious wall.

III. Leading Chapters:

3.  A list of the wall builders.

12.  The dedication of the wall.

13.  How a Mayor enforced the Sabbath law.

IV. Striking Phrases:

4:6:  “The people had a mind to work.”

8:10:  “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

V. Questions:

1.  Name Nehemiah’s position and its duties.

2.  Locate Shushan.

3.  Measure the distance from Shushan to Jerusalem.

4.  Name eight classes of people who aided in rebuilding the wall.

5.  Name any three gates mentioned and note their location on Bible map of the city of Jerusalem.  Map No. 10.

6.  Describe in brief the kinds of gatherings that occurred at the city gates.  Give examples from Bible history.  Read articles in Bible Dictionary on “Gates” and “Walls.”  Record references.

7.  Name three hindrances to the rebuilding of the wall.  Chapter 4.

8.  Name four wise plans of Nehemiah as general.

9.  Mention the ways in Chapters 5 and 6 in which Nehemiah proved his intense patriotism.

10.  In what length of time was the wall completed?

11.  Name four things covenanted by the people.  Chapter 10.

12.  Name three leading features in the dedication of the wall.

13.  Record and locate the ejaculatory prayers of the book.  Name a lesson therefrom.

14.  Name five leading qualities of Nehemiah, giving an example from his life to illustrate each.

15.  Name four striking lessons for Christian activity gleaned from the book.



Prophecy Number One:  Chapter 1:1-15.

1.  To whom spoken.

2.  Name the reason assigned by the people for not rebuilding.

3.  Name four reasons given by the prophet why the people should rebuild.

4.  State the result of the prophet’s appeal.

Prophecy Number Two:  Chapter 2:1-9.

1.  To whom spoken.

2.  State the evident feeling of those who had seen the former house.  See verse 3, also Ezra 3:12.

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